Legal Drugs and Consequences

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Legal drugs are substances used for medical purposes Most of legal drugs are prescriptions by doctors for individuals who need to treat or cure any disease.
Legal drugs = medicine.

Have you ever had a common cold? Of course you tended somehow. I could guess what you did! Well, we really hate being sick so we immediately take a pill to reduce the symptoms but, what really happen when a pill start reacting in your body? Since the pill reaches your stomach it can be easily spread through your body and it quickly starts relieving the symptoms but, it has the same reaction to people? No, because people have different reactions to some medication and it varies depending on their ages.
Every pill or prescription bring with it side effects and sometimes they can be deadly to your body in different ways. Next I will explain detailed how prescriptions can make our health worse instead of helping us.

How is our body affected when we consume medication?

Well, sometimes we don’t figure out why we feel worse after taking a prescription and we take another pill or we just change the medication prescribed because we think it isn’t the right one and it isn’t just for the fact that our body does not need medication to treat common diseases because some types of diseases are developed to eliminate toxins; toxins that basically our body needs to take out because they are substances that our body doesn’t need. People get sick when the weather changes and we know that allergies are close to people when it happens so people start consuming medication.

A common cold can affect young-old people and it doesn’t matter if you take or not a medication it will last in the same amount of time because according to Mendelsohn Roberts a pediatrician who wrote in his book How to raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor, page 114 “Without treatment a common cold usually last about seven days with treatment it will last in a week” Basically it means that medication is not need it for this type of disease and if people start consuming legal drugs over the time it will bring secondary or internal diseases, diseases that are produced with the simple medicine prescribed by doctors such as aspirin and acetaminophen to treat these annoying symptoms of fever, headache or blood pressure. In the next paragraph I will explain how some prescriptions such as aspirin, beclomethasone, and ibuprofen affect people’s health and how it can bring severe alterations to our body.

Consuming legal drugs can bring many health problems to our body.
You may think legal drugs can effectively bring many benefits to people’s health because legal drugs are used to treat diseases and make feel better the human body. “Most of legal drugs (medicine) are used to treat pain, control blood pressure & curing an infection” (Information retrieve from web-page U.S Food and Drug Administration) There are thousands of prescriptions that usually benefits millions of people every day. Medicines are useful around the world because they usually make feel better the human body in many ways such as curing diseases and making the body healthier but legal drugs bring consequences after a long period.

Aspirin a common medicine to treat a common cold and flu, it also brings consequences of syndrome as well as ibuprofen medication.

Doctors usually give us ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen to treat fever when we have a common cold or flu. In this case aspirin will help us to reduce the pain and fever but it also bring with it some effects to our body if we consume them too much (obviously we take this type of medication frequently). According to John P Cunha aspirin has common side effects such as other medication; “side effects that include rash, gastrointestinal ulcerations and abdominal pain” and if people consume aspirin frequently it can cause a rare but dangerous illness called Reye’s Syndrome which bring symptoms of vomiting, personal changes, confusion, and loss of consciousness (Information retrieve from RxList-website). Reye’s Syndrome is a sudden (acute) brain damage and liver function problems and this illness most affect people with young ages. This syndrome can be treated but remember that even other prescription can bring other consequences to our health, everything is just like a chain that bring some advantages and disadvantages but in case of health medicine can make our health worse.

Reye’s Syndrome

Consuming ibuprofen causes the syndrome Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) which “consists in a serious disorder of the skin and mucous membrane that causes your skin blister and peel off” (Information retrieve from Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research-webpage). The SJS is very painful and distressing, in a few words deadly which means that is not curable but it can be treated. The SJS affects about 1-2 million people per year which is a lot; this syndrome is not just caused for consuming ibuprofen in fact consuming other medications.

In fact, medication can be sometimes useful for people but if we consume them for a long term it will bring severe consequences to our body. Next I will narrate my own experience about taking some medication and how it affected my life.

Some medication can also cause addiction.

All prescriptions have secondary effects and they can bring one or more consequences to our body. Basically our body adapts to what we consume frequently it’s just like the air we breathe. Sometimes the excess of medication affects our body in a simple way that we don’t notice; our body is drugged every time we consume a pill or any medication, in fact our brain is the most affected because this perceives the adaptation of any substance in our body. The human body dissolve and absorb all these substances around it; the brain sends the directions to the body and our body make them work. People who consume a daily pill or any medication is considered addicted because once you stop taking them your body starts having some alterations or problems; these alterations are caused for the limitation of substances “legal drugs” in your body. Addiction is a big problem because it can be physical or mentally and it’s not necessary caused for consuming illegal drugs; medicine also causes addiction.

I personally had an addiction with some prescription which I used for sleep problems and yes these medications helped me a lot at the beginning because they reduced my sleepless, and for sure I had to take it every single day before go to bed so otherwise it would not help me. Well, time flies and it had been five months since I started taking my medicine; a day when I woke up suddenly I felt bad, my body didn’t react and my whole body ached, days passed and didn’t know what was the reason why I felt like that, and these symptoms started getting worse because I didn’t want to eat nothing and in a few words bed was my H20 and I was the fish. I fought with my own body because accidently I forgot to take my pills and the next day I felt much better because my body didn’t hurt anymore, I figured out that paroxetine was killing me slowly. Paroxetine is a drug used as a depressant to treat depression, panic attacks, and anxiety disorders, etc. I understood that some medications instead of helping can make you feel worse and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who have this experience, there are people out there like you who will not trust medication after having such experience like mine. This experience changed my life to be better however it wasn’t easy to overcome it; I had to deal with my sleepless, but it got better when I started taking herbal or home remedies, I assure you that they are the best instead of prescriptions but before you start taking them you must know what are you allergic to and know what are you trying to treat or cure. Medicines are not always the best solution to treat a disease/illness because they always have side effects and the human body is exposed to contract other diseases or get addictive to it. In the following paragraph I will introduce how legal drugs used to treat or cure some diseases can also cause other internal diseases.

Consuming Beclomethasone to treat Asthma also brought me Anemia and health disorders.

If you feel it and see it then you believe it but are we right with that? That’s our big imperfection because after having a bad experience then we believe it and sometimes is too late, we can’t stop the time and some people have no chance to tell if they fought what made them miserable in terms of health. In some way we must care about ourselves by knowing what we consume every day because our health depends on what we consume daily.
For example, I didn’t know what was Beclomethasone (a medicine used to control or prevent shortness of breath caused by Asthma) when I used it because I was a child, six years old to be honest when I started consuming it, the only thing I knew was that it helped me to breath and I wasn’t able to live without it. Many years went by (5 years) and my asthma got worse because i not only had asthma now bronchitis was with me; Just 11 years old and my home was the hospital. After a year (I was 12 years old) doctors diagnosed what have affected me and it was the prescription I were using for more than five years, but it doesn’t end there it was the beginning because bronchitis was attacking me with the symptoms of fever, vomiting and pain; I didn’t eat nothing because everything I ate my body rejected it. Two years without eating properly, I didn’t eat well because i vomited it and that brought anemia (condition of having lower than normal number of red cells or hemoglobin) I felt terrible because it was not life to me and for my surprise the anemia developed to such an extent that i could get leukemia (Leukemia is cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues, including the bone marrow and the lymphatic system); to be honest my faith was on the ground and I was just a teenager. I defeat Anemia by consuming herbal remedies and having a strict diet, believe me it was not easy but not impossible. Now I still have Asthma and some blood problems but I’m much better because I prefer home remedies instead of prescribed medication. As Alan Carter says “just because a doctor prescribes a pill it doesn’t mean is safe for everyone” legal drugs will not react the same way in different organisms. Legal drugs can be fatal because their side effects develop other internal diseases and over the time diseases get worse deteriorating our body. In fact legal drugs are not the best choice to our body, and better to know that natural medicines (herbal remedies) are more effectively and in the next paragraph I will explain why to choose them instead of prescriptions.

Why herbal remedies instead of Prescriptions?

Herbal medicines are generally natural in simple words herbal medicines are plants that have the basics of medical purposes and they are more efficiently than prescriptions because legal drugs have many components called chemicals which affect any living organism, they can be toxic. I prefer a bitter medicine because I know what it has and you which one do you prefer?

In conclusion legal drugs always bring side effects and our body is exposed every day to many diseases but to treat some diseases we don’t necessary need to take any prescription or medicine just for the fact that our body needs to throw away some wastes and that’s why we get sick.


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Becoming Hamlet

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A play is when a person represents a character in a theatrical reference or a film and I find it interesting.  Me and my classmates did a play on Hamlet but there was things we had to do to accomplish in order to do so first we had to assign characters to each person in the group depending on who has better advantages in reading.  Second we all had to come together as group to see who could display what character the best that’s how my group chose to pick characters when doing so there was plenty debate on who would be the main characters such as Hamlet and the queen & also the people with short lines even had say so at the end of that everyone obtained their position and was ready to go. Everyone being satisfied with their selection played a big role because you wanted everyone to act as if they were in the play and wanted to be there. The next step was performing Hamlet is where everyone lost their cool and thought we was nowhere near ready as we was memorizing our lines. Everyone in the group had lines that they would have to memorize for the specific character. At the begging it was difficult for us to do so because of the way the people spoke, but we were allowed to change the words around to where we could understand which helped a lot. After that we reacted by getting someone in our group to hold the paper we tried to obtain the tallest person possible for people who couldn’t see their lines when their part came up, after days of hard work practice fun eating with my teacher lol and even finding creative ways to make our scene even better we all eventually remembered our parts .something we all thought wasn’t going to happen. The final step to performing Hamlet was to act out the play. To do so , everyone in the group practiced the lines that would have been said and performed the actions which were a part of the lines together we reversed the actions and lines and also as a group. When our group was called up we performed for our teacher and OUR amazing classmates that played the role of our audience. We finished out very strong and successful. In conclusion, me and my classmates performed Hamlet and we had such and great time. My favorite part was getting everyone ready for their part.

New Land

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I. Young Immigrants need to find work
A. Itistohardtofindworkforyoungimmigrant
II. It’s not too hard
A. Someyoungimmigrantscanfindwork
III. Some of them don’t have documents
A. Becausethedifferentcountrytheyarefromdon’tneedthem
IV. They don’t speak English
A. Peopledon’tunderstandthem
B. The jobs they can get they are not comfortable with
V. It’s hard to find a job if they don’t go to school
A. It’shardtogetaneducationintheircountryandtheUnitedStates B. SomecamehereinUnitedStatestogetajob
VI. If they can have a job they can save A. They can build the house
B. Theycangobacktoschool
VII. The only way they want to be truly satisfied is to do what they believe is great work and
A. Theonlywaytodogreatworkistolovewhatyoudoand
B. Iftheyhaven’tfoundityetkeeplookingdon’tsettleasmattersoftheheart
C. They’llknowwhentheyfinditanditjustgetsbetterandbetterastheyearsroll
D. Sokeeplookinguntilyoufinditdon’tsettle
VIII. They can be happy and safe
A. Iftheycanmaketheirownmoney,theydon’tneedhelp B. They contribute to the community
IX. If young immigrants can find work it good for everyone,but it’s hard for them.

The flu in our community

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Flu In Our Community

The Flu has killed millions of people around the world,and I never knew about this before;I am surprised about this because I never looked up information about diseases.However,after looking information about the flu now I can see how dangerous it is.
According to web, In 1918 a deadly flu killed tens of millions of people around the world.
Some people “felt well in the morning ,and then were dead by night…Their faces turned blue and some coughed blood.This virus had infected one_third of the global population and killed at least tens of millions of people including 675,000 americans.”(Web )
I am talking about this virus  because a few days ago we lived a situation something similar to 1918.
My little brother is one year old and few days ago, he was sick with the flu. We thought it would go away soon everything continue normal but he still had the flu. The next morning he started coughing with a weird sound and had fever. My step mother gave him motrin (is a medicine) after that he lose the fever. A few hours later he was in the crib and I approached him and looked at him, he had teary eyes and a blueish face. He was not breathing and I felt scared and anguished in my heart.
I ran out saying what was going on and my cousin ran to him and took him to the hospital emergency room .
My cousin called me at 3:00 am saying that the child is better the doctor gave him the emergency flu shot.
According to the associated press after a 100 years of experimenting scientists found a vaccine that is 60% effective. (Newsela staff). Because of our actions, my little brother did’t die,and his flu did’t get more serious.
However some people might said the vaccine  is unnecessary or dangerous, because  some people get sick even with the vaccine  and some people don’t take it and never get sick, according to BMJ vaccine can be very dangerous for some people. It can cause febrile convulsions, narcolepsy and other serious problems after vaccination. That’s why Australia,  Sweden, and Finland suspended its influenza vaccination program.
All bodies respond differently to the types of medecine.
In my experience, taking the vaccine is better than taking the risk like my family did. After this situation of my little brother my family who didn’t believe in medicine before, now realized medicine is never unnecessary and pointless to our health. Now I want to share information about the flu with my community, my school and everybody around me. Because this virus is very dangerous if untreated; some types of flu can be deadly.
According MD.saude, the flu vaccine is composed of dead viruses and they are able to stimulate the immunological system to produce anti-bodies in this way, protecting us from a greater contagion. The anti-bodies develop in the body after approximately two weeks after vaccination and provide some protection against influenza with the viruses included in the vaccine. These alert our system despite having secondary effects such as headache, sneezing, fever, muscle pains and teary eyes, and we could be contagious a few days.
 Scientists give modern medical methods such as vaccines and specific medications to different types of illness and also recommend a good nutrition to prevent many diseases. As I mentioned before, it’s better to prevent than to be sorry. The flu shot could help you prevent a much severe reaction, especially adults over the age of 65 who’s immune system is very weak, the vaccine is a good option but not the best for all people.

English is different in every country

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In my personal experience English has so much differences. Is very complicated but very interesting too. My experience is that in my country in school, the teacher teached me a little bit the English but very different, in the pronunciation or in the way of talk, because here is more clear and not easy to pronounce the words, but when you learned the language is most easy the pronunciation. According to Claire L. Bowen “ Australia languages”

“Native language or colonial origin are spoken in Oceania, such as english, which in fact is the language with the largest number of speakers.” i think that if the english is the language more spoken in oceania is because there was so much migration of the countries in which it speak english how united kingdom, united state etc…

In every world I think that these is one part where they it speak the English, the English come in origin Native, in every world it speaker but very different in each one, the origin of the English also come of United Kingdom is that is the country where it form is the principal birth of the language. United Kingdom conquered United States. The even the language; is speaker in Mexico because are close one country with other are one mix

Why in the border of United States and Mexico it speak English I think because is close with the country North American, the English in mexico is very important for search work and do business for that’s in the schools and colleges teach English it must also be to the closeness of United States with Mexico doing one mix of the languages calling you like that Spanglish. I think that the difference in the language of English in Mexico can be because is not of Mexican origin if not copied from US country. According to an article in The Guardian, i think that he have the reason is only for the closeness to the united states he said in his article who are interested in english to be able to communicate with their fellow texans and also is important for they for the search the work and do business the mayor of Tamaulipas order that be taught the english in school and colleges for that young people could speak english and compete with united states and be able to defend themselves even if it was not so clear but understable. “it isn’t perfect english, but it’s pretty darn close.”

i think that’s mean that the english no is so clear but is close but this is because not is the origin south american.

As we see, English is different in each country

Benefits to Reading to a Child

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How Does Reading to Your Child Benefit Them?


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… A man who never reads lives only one.” (George R.R. Martin) I decided to do my research on benefits from reading to children. Having a child listen to an adult, parent or teacher, read would gain needed lessons for later use. Whether they’re in school taking a vocabulary test or having a conversation with someone else. Reading to children at a young age helps their learning development in both educational and social settings.

“Pediatricians often recommend parents routinely read aloud to their young children.” I’ve read in an article that scientist had done research on children of ages three to five. They were giving a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on their brains as they listened to a recording of a women reading a story. That MRI testing reveals what children gains from being read to. “The MRIs revealed that children from more stimulating home reading environments had greater activity in the parts of the brain that help with narrative comprehension and visual imagery.” The meaning of this quote is that children who’s being read to shows more brain function in understanding what is being said when someone reads and imaging it. This supports my thesis because it shows that children are benefiting from being read to.

When children are read to or either reading themselves they are learning something that they with be able to use in life. “A study published in the journal of the National Medical Association found that toddlers who participated in a Reach Out and Read literacy program scored higher in receptive vocabulary tests than those who didn’t.” This quotes meaning is that children who has part taken in this program has had a better score in vocabulary then others. Children’s vocabulary was improved because they were being educated by being read to. Reading to the children at an early age helped them and put them ahead in school when it came to vocabulary. Not only will children be learning things that will help them through school but also through life.

When reading a book and/or story there are characters, culture, problems, solutions, settings, and languages. When reading to a child they will get to hear about different thinks. That get to hear about different places, people, and their problems, how they solve them, and this can be very educational. “Characters who are culturally, ethnically, and physically diverse teach them about people and cultures that differ from their own. There are also children’s books that can help kids understand and process a range of life events, from the birth of a new sibling to the death of a family member.” Understanding this quote shows that when children is hear other stories they can learn about life. Hearing how a character from a story handles situation may help them in a similar situation. Children will not only be benefiting in an educational environment but also when it comes from personal and social invents and environment.

I’m positive other people may think reading shouldn’t be all about education. I going to be honest I’m one of them. When I read, I’m reading for the enjoyment. But, it doesn’t matter what your reading, your going to learn something from it. It can be the worst book you’ve ever read but still learn at least on thing from it. For children that is very useful to hear and learn different things. Children who is read to at a young age learning both educational and social lessons.







My AutoCad Experience

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What AutoCAD is About:

AutoCAD is a Computer- Aided Design software application used in Architecture,construction, an Manufacturing to assist in the preparation of blueprint. And other Engineering. Also AutoCAD has a whole range of modifying Tools Like Offset,Extend,Move,Mirror, an Copy.

Where did AutoCAD get it’s name from: The program that became AutoCAD was created by Mike Riddle, and was originally called ” Interact”. Its name was changed to ” microCAD,” but when another company had already created program with that same name, it was renamed ” AutoCAD”.

My First Time Doing AutoCAD:

My first time doing AutoCAD was kinda Hard but when a few Days When pass I understood how it worked at first I didn’t know how to do it (knowing what the Tools do). But Then it was time for me to do the AutoCAD Test First time I did it didn’t really understand what they wanted me to do few days later I took it again an I was Certified In AutoCAD Passed with an 750.

I would love y’all To download AutoCAD to y’all Computer Because If I liked it y’all would too. Y’all can Design anything y’all would want to Design on it for an example: Car,House,barn, anything you would like people to see.