Origins of bread around the world

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Pastries chef should travel to Central America, India and Egypt and try different ingredients that people use to make the bread and they would taste the difference in each one.   
What pastries chef need to be good in what they do: I found that pastries chef need to go to schools and learn about what the bread need to be good and the people will love it what I found means that they work hard to have all that they want they need to pass through by a lot of steps and they will have a good job at nice places as restaurants hotels and fancy places as bakeries too.  
Pastries chef : They can be females or males it don’t matter the only thing that matter in this is that they need to have a love for make the bread and love to cook they need to go to college first to take classes that are relate to this culinary tradition and then they need to learn about the flour that they need to use for each kind of bread the measure that they need or something if they need any more ingredients different as the flour because the bread need to have different flavor and after they finish school and they know all about pastry they can get job in different place as bakery, restaurants, coffee’s place or the y can open their own bakery and just show to others people how to make it they also can be teachers at pastries schools. The first pastry chef in America was in 1914 pastry chef is one person who is trained to make desserts and all kind of sweet plates bread and others baked goods they also o all the preparations that they need before the dinner service start they need to do a lot of preparation and they need to check that the flavor is really good because they can get wrong on anything if they do something wrong it don’t matter if its small things but all this is going to change the taste so that’s why they go to schools where they learned all about the flour and all that they need and how much they need. It its special because everyone that want to be pastries chef they need to know firs that it sound easy but is not but they have to have in mind that if they learn all this stuff they will be god pastries chef and they will be mentioned around the world how they good are.
Pastries chef around the world
I found that if they travel around the world they will be surprises and how is the difference in every country they will be able to see the difference things that they use to bake the bread and make it have different flavors and some of them give to it colors so they look more good as one without color and the ingredients are not the same some places use more flour than others some of them just eat flat bread its important because they will know more and they will make it by their own way and its special to this people from others countries to meet real pastries chef because they will know more about the real process that they need because in others places they don’t go to pastries schools they just learned it watching other persons every pastries chef should do this because that’s why they decide to be pastries to meet others cultures and others kinds of bread pastries chef should travel and try different ingredients that people use to make the bread and they would taste the difference in each one : Pastries chef should take a break and have the chance to go to different continents around the world and they will get surprise and how is the difference of the bread and how is the steps that they use to have this good bread . they will come back home surprise because they going to see how all this people work hard some of them baked the own bread in small things that looks like ovens but they are made with other things and also some people make the bread with strangers things that they haven’t seen ever in their life.
Que Rica Vida
The bread from America Latina is the best
What I found means that in America Latina they like to make it more sweet and big some places the bread is too big and the prices are less than others it don’t matter the size I guess the only thing that matter is that they use ingredients more important and hard to find or buy  In central America they can find different kind and it have different names as well from Argentina is the one is call Chipa this is very popular bread in the northeastern region of the country. In Brazil, especially in the southeastern region of the country, you’ll find the very popular pão de queijo. The classic cheese bread from Colombia is pandebono, which has an amusing story behind it. An Italian immigrant and baker sold his bread out on the street yelling in Italy “pan del bono”. That means “ good bread”. And Cuñapé is the name for cheese bread in Bolivia, while Ecuadorians named their type pan de yuca. And all this kind of bread have different taste because they don’t use the same way to make it. People from this countries make them bread kinda sweet because Hispanic people like sweet stuff and also they put different color on the top and something they add coconut chocolate strawberry grapes pineapple apple and they put milk inside of the bread in Mexico they have this famous one call pastel de tres leches this one is divide in three parts with a different amount of milk each one everybody love this one for parties and to eat  their self. The bread for America Latina never have to be miss on the table they will ever eat bread don’t matter what time is everybody need to know it because if they have some Hispanic friends they would know already that they can offer some bread.
List Of Indians Bread
 The india bread from where everything came and the place where the first bread was baking
In this country are more because India is one of the most popular country from where the bread came from Appam is one of the south india pancake made with fermented rice butter and coconut milk. Bakshalu made maida chanadal sugar jaggery from the cuisine of Telangana specially prepared for the Ugadi. Baati hard unleavened bread cooked in the desert areas of Rajasthan. Bhakri round flat unleavened bread often use in the cuisine of the state of Maharashtra in india but is also common in western and central india. In india every place have their own bread and they use for different time I guess is because india is one of the places where they eat bread for first time and where they found all the ingredients. It will be a aventure for the pastries chefs they will come back home happy to knew that is a lot of things that they never knew before.
Egyptian flatbread ( aish baladi )
Similar to pita but made with whole wheat flour this Egyptian flatbread is traditionally baked in scorching-hot ovens in Cairo’s bustling markets.
Egyptian Sun Bread.
To build texture and flavor in this bread without a sourdough starter star a day ahead by making a biga or pre-ferment. Here the dough is made in 2-pound bread machine but you can also do it entirely by hand or in a stand mixer with a dough hook.
Biga (pre-fermente)
1 cup bread flour
½ cup whole weat flour.
½ cup rye flour
¼  teaspoon instant yeast
¾ cup water
11/2 to 2 cups bread flour
½ cup whole weat flour
¾ cup water
¾ teaspoon instant yeast
11/4 teaspoon table salt
This is the process that you need for make this bread I guess is not easy it take time to this bread came out with a good taste and the people can be happy when they try it. The Egyptian take the bread as a serious thing i guess its because that’s is from where the first flour came from and from where they found that it was going to be important food.

I’m from Guatemala. It is a beautiful country. Is a country with clean rainwater because people  take care abut the water is a healthy place the when i came here the weather is different people use many cars. using many cars makes the rain dirty. and I wonder the rainwater here is  safe to drink.


“Let’s look back on the days before pollution was such a big issue. We don’t even need to look that far back. How about the 1960s-1970s? Neighborhood children were playing in the streets, never too concerned about finding water. There was never any shortage – mountain valleys, wells and pumps were always accessible. Besides, every time it rained, they could simply look up at the sky, open their mouths and catch the rainwater!”

Many people asking if rainwater is safe to drink. The population is increasing. Water is of the most important on the world. Many country does not have potable water. Different culture collect water useful for many things like in my county. We collect rainwater so we can use it to watering plants vegetables during the spring. People use rainwater for many things. Let’s go back different country they did not have potable water even now. Children go outside and taste water some of them playing but now the parents tell their children to not go outside when is raining because is dangerous. What I think we have to save the environment  because each year the population is increasing as human we should do something to help the world we have to think about our future. And the best way is harvesting rainwater we can use for many thing like wash the car, watering plants. Flush toilet, laundry etc. to drink we have to make sure if is safe to drink.

International Water Association is a group of people that has a project trying to harvest enough water. “IWA is committed to recognising the special contributions and achievements of its members and water sector professionals, and the invaluable contribution they make to key innovations in water science and management.” According to IWA most of the people need to harvest water. that’s why the IWA make a project to save the water and the best way is to harvest water. The IWA is working hard to make a great world. people usually want a safe water to drink. In the place where there is no water IWA want the people can get water and save money.

The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami sparked a severe nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Three of the six reactors at the plant sustained severe core damage and released hydrogen and radioactive materials. Explosion of the released hydrogen damaged three reactor buildings and impeded onsite emergency response efforts. The accident prompted widespread evacuations of local populations, large economic losses, and the eventual shutdown of all nuclear power plants in Japan. It wasn’t until August 2015 that Japan began the controversial return to nuclear power generation. place like this there is no safe water most of the people need safe water


  • Babies in my country Ethiopia don’t watch TV and their parents keep them on their body the whole day and sleep with them at night on the same bed and when you compare them with the baby’s who grew up watching TV and sleep on their own bed they’re seem to be more intelligence and capable of making sense. Because thy see what their mothers are doing and hearing what they saying while they are babies. So they do the something when they grow up. Because babies do the same thing that they saw their parent doing. The reason why I pick this topic is because there are a lot parents that don’t know the effect of watching TV on babies. And this is important to me because I have babies sibling and I want them to be smart and intelligence. Everybody should care about this because all parents want to raise a smart baby but thy don’t know how so they should just read this PowerPoint and get everything they need to raise a smart baby.
  • Babies shouldn’t watch TV?
  • Parent should prevent their baby’s from watching TV
  • a lot of baby’s are watching TV while they are too small.
  • According to the website, “ it takes around 18 months for a baby’s brain to develop to the point where the symbols on a screen comes to represent their equivalents in the real world.” (“Why to Avoid TV for Infants & Toddlers.” This quote means that babies under the age of 18 months shouldn’t watch TV at all because their brain haven’t develop to the point where the symbols on a screen comes to represent their equivalents in the real world.
  • How TV effect babies brain
  • But a lot of parent don’t know the effect of watching TV on bays all the bright colors and motion on the screen is making their brain unable to sense anything.
  • They can’t remember things and they get confuse easily
  • Because it makes their brain incapable of making sense
  • It’s the same thing as eating junk food
  • It just messed up their brain
  • Why parent think TV is good for babies

Some parent might say watching TV for babies is good because the baby might stop crying when you turn on the TV. But According to the website ” I heard a lot of parents say but my baby likes it infants may stare at the bright colors and motion on a screen  but their brains are incapable of making sense or meaning out of all those bizarre.” “Why to Avoid TV for Infants & Toddlers.” This quote is saying that all the color on the screen make the baby unable to make any sense. Because all the light and picture is preventing their brain from developing the right way.

  • Parent should feed their baby breastmilk

Feeding your baby breast milk makes your baby intelligence because according to  the website psychology it says “Breastfeeding encourages right brain development, the source of social emotions and practical intelligence. Breast milk fosters more efficient function=more intelligence.” “how-grow-smart-baby” This quote is saying that breast milk makes the baby to develop the right brain and social emotions. And the baby becomes intelligence because he or she is drinking natural milk and natural milk is always the best. when you breast feed your baby he/she is looking at you and not on the TV. So that helps them recognize a real people.

  • Sharing Sleep with your baby
  • Sharing sleep with your baby help the baby develop mutual regulation. Because according to this book by Buckley, Sarah J. it says “ sharing sleep has been a necessity for infants survival, giving babies not only a safety from predators but also warmth, easy access to mother’s breast, and assistance with function and maturation of developing bodily processes through mutual regulation.” Gentle birth, gentle mothering” so this quote is telling us how important share sleep is to the babies mind. Because when you sleep with your babies they find everything they need next to them and they feel comfortable. This relates to watching TV because When you share sleep with your baby he or she is feeling and seeing a real person, as suppose to watching TV they see toys and confuse their mind.
  • Conclusion
  • So as you can see parent should prevent their babies from watching TV because it’s very harmful to the baby’s brain. It make them incapable of making sense and feel anything. So if parent want to raise a smart baby the one and the easiest thing they can do is keep their babies away from watching TV. And they should feed them breastmilk and share sleep with their babies. And they should play at their level like playing with them on the floor and on the bed. And this proves my report because I have all my source in my reference page.
  • Annotated Bibliography


  • Kelmon, Jessica. “5 secrets to raising a smart baby.” BabyCenter. N.p., 17 Apr. 2017. Web. 05 May 2017. make your baby feel safe by holding them next you.talking to your baby a lot can make them smart. limit bucket let your baby move their body’s around.
  • Alex Mlynek | Dec 13, 2016. “How to raise a smart baby: 4 fun acitivites.” Today’s Parent. N.p., 15 Apr. 2017. Web. 05 May 2017. Play with your baby at his level like playing down with them at floor or on the bed. Tell your baby that you are strong and you can do anything that can help them develop stronger resilience against depression later in life. Choose an activity that you can play together such as discovery treasure box filled with feathers or a bin of bubbles.
  • Narvaez, Darcia. “How to Grow a Smart Baby.” Psychology Today. Sussex Publishers, 24 Jan. 2011. Web. 05 May 2017. Breast feeding encourages right brain development. Keep your baby away from distress and crying. Always keep it calm and breastfeed for at least for a year.
  • Buckley, Sarah J. Gentle birth, gentle mothering: a doctor’s guide to natural childbirth and gentle early parenting choices. Berkeley: Celestial Arts, 2009. Print. Make sure your baby sleep good comfortable. And sharing sleep with your baby gives not only safety from predators but also warmth. Skin to skin contact between mother and baby helps stabilize the baby’s heart rate and breathing.
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  • People should pay attention to their surroundings even when using gps
  • One time I was driving to the movies and I had my gps on because I didn’t know how to get there, well as I was staring at the gps next thing I know I found myself stuck in a construction zone that said “do not enter”. I could’ve seen this a while back but since I kept starring at the gps I had no choice but to stop. After that I had to take a whole new route that took 20 extra minutes, also my dad one day was starring at the gps too much and he hit a raccoon. This is exactly why you need to always pay attention to your surroundings because you don’t know what may happen. You have to expect the unexpected, I read on that people have died using gps because sometimes gps might lead you to a cliff or a lake thinking that there is a bridge and there isn’t any which if your not checking your surroundings you can die!! Yes you read it right YOU CAN DIE!!,which leads me back to my thesis statement that “People Should Pay Attention To Their Surroundings Even When Using Gps!!!”
  • False sense of security
  • A lot of the people in my generation actually think the opposite. They think that gps is great and that it doesn’t fail because of their experiences on using gps over the years. They might have gone out using gps 100 times and never had an issue so they think that gps is an amazing device that you don’t even have to check your surroundings while using it. For example my cousin works for order up and he uses his phone’s gps all the time! in fact I think every order he ever delivered he used his gps and he never had an issue! but is not the same way for other people, gps had lead people to their own deaths.
  • People should pay attention to their surroundings even when using gps
  • Dangerous situations around you: Reasons why you should check your surroundings is because you need to be alerted in case of any dangerous situations for example if your just staring at the gps and there’s a moose on the road, or if your just staring dead at the gps and you crash into somebody else’s car.
  • electricity: if the electricity is gone there will be no signal
  • gps battery: If you’re gps battery dies you will have no idea where you are located at.
  • incorrect maps: gps can sometimes send you to places you cant cross , impassible
  • electricity

without electricity there is no signal, without signal the gps will not work and you would be screwed. Without any signal satellites cant send signal to the gps. This will make the gps useless because it wont give routes or directions to where you need to go. “Even if no enemy attacks our electric grid, we know that the sun will. That is because the sun regularly is shooting off geo-magnetic storms in every direction. It is only a matter of time before one of those flares hits the earth straight on with exactly the same EMP-type of effect as if it were a nuclear bomb”. This quote means that you should pay attention to your surroundings and focus! because yes it is possible! It is possible for electricity to go down and if this happens you need to be prepared, that is why you should always check your surroundings and pay very close attention to street names and landmarks.

  • Gps Battery
  • When using gps you need to check your surroundings and pay attention to the street names and landmarks because batteries can die it is very common! So you really need to pay attention to your surroundings because if you don’t, then you will have no idea where you are and you would be screwed. Being lost in the middle of Nowhere is no joke. So the best thing to do is to pay attention to your surroundings while using gps. This is because I’m sure nobody wants to be that person that’s lost in the middle of no where. Again this leads me to my thesis statement that people should pay attention to their surroundings even when using gps!!!!
  • incorrect maps
  • Incorrect maps is another reason why you should check your surroundings because Gps can lead you to train tracks, lakes and even cliffs thinking that there might be a bridge. If you don’t pay attention to your surroundings it can lead you to death. “In Chicago a woman was killed after her husband followed their car’s GPS navigation off a partially demolished bridge that has been closed since 2009, Zohra Hussain, 51, died after their Nissan Sentra fell more than 37 feet off the old bridge and burst into flames. with numerous barricades including orange barrels and cones, large wood signs stating ROAD CLOSED with orange striped markings Authorities are trying to understand what prompted the couple to drive onto the bridge past barricades and warnings, though officials believe the couple was likely on the way to visit family and that they were unfamiliar with the area”. This quote means that gps can lead you to death and therefor it is your responsibility to check your surroundings while using gps. Mostly because when using gps you have control of what your doing if you’re the driver! you have to check your surroundings and pay very close attention to what and where you are going.
  • Conclusion
  • Yes in fact gps is an amazing and very useful device I use it a lot actually, but you have to understand that everything has its ups and downs. For example when you use a helmet it does protects your head but you’re not 100% protected to the point where you can just grab your skateboard and jump off the roof because you might just break your neck. What I’m trying to say here is that your not 100% safe from gps this is why you have to check your surroundings while using gps. To maintain yourself safe! you need to look around for dangerous situations, for construction zones etc. don’t just use the gps to the extreme and not look at your surroundings because you might not have the same luck as others and things can go bad.
  • Annotated Bibliography
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  • “The evolution of gps technology .” Book. Springer, n.d. Web. 5 May 2017. This system was one of the very first man-made operational systems , this system can get you out of anywhere you might be and can find any location
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  • McKinlay, Roger. “Use or lose our navigation skills.” N.p., 30 Mar. 2016. Web. 05 May 2017. The days of being lost should be over. Access to satellite navigation is ubiquitous, and 80% of the adult population worldwide is likely to own a smartphone by 2020. and other websites predict most people will have a smartphone with a gps Device by year 2020.

Hospitals should have a Yoga room

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          I chose the sport of yoga because I think it is a classified sport and it should be in many places from a gym to a school practice since it does not matter the age or physical condition, since it is a sport more than anything. To relax the human body And give your body a moment to relax, I believe that even hospitals that have children with physical disabilities schools, even the churches must have a program to practice this sport no matter the place you can practice it in a park To breathe fresh air and give more body relaxation Even is good To help children improve development ability and their daily activity. 

            According Authors: Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., Melinda Smith, M.A., Robert Segal, M.A., and Lawrence Robinson. Last updated: April 2017. HELPGUIDE.ORG according to the article “stress symptoms, signs, and causes”          “It must be a reaction to a potential danger that allows confrontation or flight from the situation that is causing it. That is why when it occurs in the workplace it is so complex, since no option is available. The individual cannot change the situation effectively, or cannot stop going to work” That is why it is good for hospitals to count on these types of services for all the person since it is always necessary to take a time of relaxation and expel all bad vibes. is for that reason that hospitals should have yoga rooms because if a doctor nurse is too frustrated by something that has happened to some Patient them although they have many years of experience always arrives the point where sublimate arrives.  Hospitals should have a program for patients and hospital workers to practice yoga. Hospitals is a place of much stress since it is a place where everyone is always worried or thinking about what they are going through I think hospitals should have these types of yoga programs and not only for patients but also For their nurse workers doctors and all the people in general who provide their service, this would help people take a main for moment


          Hospitals should have a yoga room for patients and their companions since a hospital is a place of much stress, people listen to people crying people screaming and that makes other people worry more and think that maybe Is one of the people related to them so I think they should give more attention to their clients and patients and have a yoga room so that the one who wants to go and get away from the noise   relax his mind for a moment would be a good Idea to give better comfort to its customers in general.




         A religion is a set of beliefs and practices that have to do with existential, supernatural and moral issues. A religion is meant to approach the more to the divine in some way. According to Maurio Garcia el Arte del PAIS “El yoga es una disciplina física y mental que tiene su origen en la antigua India donde se reunian diferentes tribus y lo hacian los mismos creadores que son ellos declararon que no era una religion en 1887” (Garcia) The same creators or authors that were the Indians declared in 1887 that it was not a religion but that it was a way of life that practiced to relax the body only that with the years the people have been seen confused by different histories are only beliefs of theChristian people because by these myths the sport of yoga is gone Losing since Christianity considers it as a sin.A religion is a set of beliefs and practices that have to do with existential, supernatural and moral issues. A religion is meant to approach the more to the divine in some way. According to Maurio Garcia el Arte del PAIS “El yoga es una disciplina física y mental que tiene su origen en la antigua India donde se reunian diferentes tribus y lo hacian los mismos creadores que son ellos declararon que no era una religion en 1887” (Garcia) The same creators or authors that were the Indians declared in 1887 that it was not a religion but that it was a way of life that practiced to relax the body only that with the years the people have been seen confused by different histories are only beliefs of the Christian people because by these myths the sport of yoga is gone Losing since Christianity considers it as a sin.


          Some Christians have created the myth or ignorance about the sport of yoga since they do not take it that way many think it is a religion since some yoga practitioners use some incense and better a slow music to relax the body and by that Kind of things those who have a religion do not practice it although many criticize their opinions but they do not take them into account. According to Josue Barrios (TCC) La Biblia no muestra que vivimos en una sociedad que se ha corrompido por el pecado, y el yoga ofrece a esta sociedad lo que ella quiere: beneficios de conocer a Dios, sin tender realmente a Dios. Pero el yoga no puede dar esos beneficios (ni puede darte a Dios).According to the religions believe that yoga can give you a peace and tranquility but they will not be able to give to God is what some Christians think about this sport YOGA. The Christian people because by these myths the sport of yoga is gone Losing since Christianity considers it as a sin.


            Yoga is one of the best sports that anyone can practice even if they do not have an extreme physical disability, despite being criticized by the person of Christianity, and at the same time something very satisfying for others Yoga continues to provide the sport for Human beings enjoying the sport to the maximum in spite of its antiquity. Scientists believe that there are many people who need a space and cannot have it at home in that is why every time yoga is growing more and we can find one more easily in those times because instead of disappearing evolved more with the weather.


         My experiences in playing football was expensive and dangerous do to the fact that I brought football equipment and thought I was gonna be safe, but that safety changed when I got my first concussion. First time i played football i had to fill out a permission slip and a contract saying if i get hurt playing football i cant sew for the damages. Then, i had to pay for my football equipment, the first time i saw that equipment, i fell in love. We had black & gold helmets and shoulder pads. We also had the black football pants, but these ones had gold strips on the side of them. I felt invisible putting that armor/equipment on, like nothing could stop me. so a couple games pass and we’re in the championships, that was the day i got blind sided with head-to-head contact and i couldn’t think for minute when it happened. But i can tell you this, if you get tackled in football and you hit your head pretty hard, it will fill like someone is beating you over and over with a hammer in the head while play the loudest opera in your ear. The question is can i still play football YES! but now i know that football equipment does not save you completely and it adds force to any tackle.
         The helmet only protects the back of the head, not the front and sides according to David Viano, he talks on the football helmet and its dangers to the football player himself, meaning the football helmet today could be safe to wear with little impact, but with high impact the helmet becomes a weapon to the victim. With high impact the helmet sends all the force to your head which can cause a person to have a concussion. According to Concussion in Professional Football: Reconstruction of Game Impacts and Injuries “Concussion occurs with considerable head impact velocity and velocity changes in professional football. Current National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment standards primarily address impacts to the periphery and crown of the helmet, whereas players are experiencing injuries in impacts to the facemask, side, and back of the helmet.”(Viano, David C., Dr. “Concussion in Professional Football: Reconstruction of Game Impacts and Injuries.” Http:// N.p., 21 Apr. 2003. Web. 10 May 2017). Meaning if a player tries to tackle someone with head-to-head contact then that could lead to concussion. But if its just a clear body tackle they might just feel sore after the game. This proves that football equipment makes football a much more dangerous sport then it has to be.
          Football Equipment makes you fill more relaxed which makes you think you can do harder hits than normal. According to Victoria Weintbalt she speaks on  the amount of emergency room visit due to football injuries. There are over 1 million visits a year because of football injuries, the most common injury in football is a concussion do to heavy velocity to the head. This also could be fatal if not treated right away. According to Percentage & Statistics for Football Players & Serious Injury “Between 2001 and 2005, U.S. males of all ages made an estimated 1,060,823 emergency room visits with football-related injuries, according to an analysis of data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program performed by the Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital.” (WEINTBLAT , VICTORIA . “Percentage & Statistics for Football Players & Serious Injury.” Http:// N.p., 30 Jan. 2011. Web. 05 May 2017). Meaning the more players think that they are protected in football equipment the more the other players got to see emergencies room visits. The higher the injury rate goes up in football, the more dangerous the game become. This quote proves that football helmets doesn’t always protect the player and it makes football a more dangerous sport then it would usually be.
        Playing while injured makes a player suffer life long injures or post pone his future games. According to Zachary O. Binney, he Speaks on the fact that a football player can still suffer from a previous injury, if he continues to play without proper care or rest. So he subjected that the players who got injured during a football game should sit out until proper care and farther notice on the player health an condition are good. According to NFL Injuries Part II: Variation Over Time “Taken in context with the flat risk of new injuries, this would suggest that injuries occurring later in the season tend to keep a player on the injury report longer than those earlier in the year. However, we have to be careful and remember that the denominators for risk and prevalence are quite different (almost 30 percent different by the end of the season), so we can’t draw that conclusion.” (Binney, Zachary O. “NFL Injuries Part II: Variation Over Time.” Http:// N.p., 02 Oct. 2015. Web. 05 May 2017). Which explains the fact that if a football players keep getting injured and have to sit out, it could effect the team, the coach, and mostly the audience/fans. But if a player continues to player while not fully healed he could suffer from the same injury or even a worst injury. This show that football in equipment injuries makes football a very dangerous sport to play.
         Football equipment makes the player fill like he’s safe. According to Ben Quinn, his Research shows the injuries of teenage rugby players. Rugby does not consists in using equipment like football does which can make it seem dangerous. So Ben wants schools to ban tackling in rugby to make rugby a safer sport for teenage schools. According to Some teenage rugby injuries as bad as in road crashes, study finds “The latest research, by doctors from the department of trauma and orthopedics at Dublin’s Tallaght hospital, focused on three cases where players aged between 13 and 16 were seriously injured when tackled. Two other cases were studied previously.” (Quinn, Ben. “Some teenage rugby injuries as bad as in road crashes, study finds .” Https:// N.p., 07 Mar. 2016. Web. 05 May 2017). Meaning that rugby could have some injuries related to football. An that football equipment makes football a much more safer sport then rugby. This quote shows that football has more protection to keep them safe.
         In conclusion football equipment makes football a very dangerous sport because players playing football in equipment think that they are well protected enough from injury, but little do they know, that the more power/force you put in a tackle the higher the possible outcome of you or the opposing team member gonna get injured. A way to make football a safer sport, i would reduced the armor on the football equipment.

Deion Lambert

          Parents should teach their children to be bilingual at young ages so by when they are young have more than one language around them to enhance their ability to speak more languages when they are older. It’s better their future learning things at young age so they can be more advanced when they get older.
          When I came to Patterson in 2013 I didn’t know Patterson had a lot of foreign students. It was a lot of confusion hearing different languages. I always wanted to know what they was saying. I met Oscar and Jason they both were bilingual. Oscar was more advanced than Jason though. Oscar was more bilingual because he grew up around two languages. He could easily tell me how speak Spanish because he was good in both languages. I thought to myself that’s what I want for my child. I want my children to have the chance to be bilingual and meet more people when they gets older.
          The more something is around a child they’ll start making connections called Synapses which are made when they have experiences which are cause by brain cells. According to Jeppson, Jandy, Judith A. Myers-Walls, and Dee Love in their study “Brain Development,” “Newborns can understand somethings about objects and their relationships to each other. After Birth brain cells are making connections called Synapses.” Connections are made when a child has experiences. Experiences make the child think. When the child thinks brain cells are used. “The connections get stronger the more the child uses them and then they start connecting words with meanings by playing around with the sounds and intonations in their mind.” (Jeppson et al.) Depending on the languages the baby hear their brain will make its connections.
          In learning languages it’s hard if you’re not introduced to those certain languages patterns at a young age. Patterns in certain languages are hard to catch on to depending on what you grew up speaking. According to “Frequent patterns emerged in certain languages particular languages avoid certain patterns in their language. Languages and affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person variables in determining leaner behavior in a second language. In the structure of that language are likely to be produced depending on the learner.” (Howard H. Kleinmann) Patterns in the language that you are most comfortable with will determine how easier it’ll be for you to learn other languages. Some languages proper way of speaking may be different than some others so it’s harder to get a catch in a new some languages you would be trying to learn.
          My cousin has three kids Cam, Aubrey, and Cori. Their mother name is Chantelle. She put her son Cam in sports. She put him in football, basketball, track, etc.… She put him in things at young ages so where as though when he gets older he’ll be more advanced. She did the same thing for one of her daughters Aubrey; she put her in a dance class which will be good for her when she gets older. Aubrey attended a daycare when she was younger that her mother made sure she went to because they teach kids different languages when they’re young. When she was 3 she knew every color in Spanish. Aubrey also has a friend which is her mother friend daughter and they are Latino so she has multiple languages around her. She also put Cori which is the youngest in that daycare. Cori is only a year old. She has them around things they can adapt to at a young age so when they get older they’ll be ahead of others kids. Teaching kids things at a young age could strongly effect their future.

          Human brains form Phonetic maps which allows your brain to create permanent memory traces which will help you later in life when learning things at a young age. According to New Scientist. 07/24/99, Vol. 163 Issue 2196, p38. 4p. 2 Color Photographs, 3 Diagrams. “Discusses bilingualism and how humans learn to speak different languages. Phonetic maps in the brain which form after hearing the first language; The importance of age in learning a second language for true bilingualism; Certain sounds that are distinguished in some languages but not others, due to the formation of permanent memory traces; Research into adult language learning that shows it is possible to learn later in life.” (New Scientist) Human brains is a special thing when it comes to speech and hearing. The human brain form Phonetic maps which is concerned with the physical properties of speech sounds or signs their physiological production, acoustic properties, auditory perception, and neurophysiological status. Phonology, on the other hand, is concerned with the abstract, grammatical characterization of systems of sounds or signs. Introducing children to multiple languages at young ages form basically a habit in the child’s brain to make it natural for them
          The more frequent in hearing a language you hear that language you’ll adapt to it by hearing the pattern of the language and it starts developing and start making connections in your brain. According to Peters, Ann M., and Lise Menn. “False Starts and Filler Syllables: Ways to Learn Grammatical Morphemes.” Language, vol. 69, no. 4, 1993, pp. 742–777., “We adopt a micro genetic approach to these questions, using longitudinal data from two children learning English in extremely different ways. One produces protomorphic filler syllables from which true grammatical morphemes develop smoothly; the other has no filler syllables and displays a more discontinuous developmental pattern, marked by false starts. The production of particular grammatical morphemes as filler syllables or other precursor forms is influenced by phonological salience, position in the utterance, frequency in the input, and morpheme homonym.” (Peters et al.)

          In most languages their characteristics are different from your native language characteristics will make it hard for you to learn that language. According to some languages which have a number of characteristics that make them hard to learn. It depends on what language you grew up speaking to make some languages easier to learn because of their characteristics in that language. “Languages that have very little in common with your native language (English) would be harder to learn. Most languages fall in the middle.” If your native languages is English it’ll be harder to learn languages with different characteristics because we aren’t use to their characteristics. If the child grow up around Chinese and English it’ll eventually develop in the child’s brain and they will learn both equally but it’ll take them while to get a grab at both.
Some parents would feel they should focus their child on one language when they are growing up so it wouldn’t confuse the child. The parents should let their child learn what they want to learn. Having kids learn to do two languages at a young age could interfere with learning their native language at the full potential they could be. It may confuse they child and it’ll make it harder for their speech with other children growing up. According to “Mixing words is very common in children learning more than one language at a time. But this is a temporary phenomenon. At the age of four or five it has mostly disappeared.” The child may mix up word patterns but that is natural eventually they’ll catch on to the correct word pattern.
          In Conclusion, Parents teaching their kids different languages at young ages is very good for the child because the earlier you introduce a second language, the easier it will be for your child to pick up its unique sounds. The ability to hear different phonetic pronunciations is sharpest before age 3, and it’s harder to hear and produce certain sounds if we aren’t exposed to them early on it’ll be harder later on trying to learn a different language. When they are being taught different languages at young ages it allows them to be more advanced than other children in their age group. Just like Parents putting their child in sport, dance, music, etc. at a young age so when they are older it’ll be a habit or hobby for them and may allow them to get good jobs when they are older and connect with more people, languages can also play a big part in the child’s life.