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Violence in the world affecting families

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I experience violence before it happened in front of me that was when

some gangsters killed my uncle. Since I was there when they killed him, the

gangsters were looking for me to kill me too, because I had witness everything that

happened that night. That’s when I decided to come to the United States. For that

reason, I had to walk many days in the desert, I had to carry an old lady that was

coming from Mexico afraid of gangs, she was 54 years old. I had to carry her

because she was very sick and she couldn’t walk anymore. We were hungry

because the person in charge of us just give of a little bit of can food. For things

like this we must leave our life and families back because of the fear of getting kill.


El Salvador is a very violence country it has always been but now is even

more violent. Is actually one of the most violence country in Central America. In

the article “In El Salvador, the Murder Capital of the World, Gang Violence

Becomes a Way of Life” By Dan Harris, Adam Desiderio, Jenna Millman, and

Lauren Effron in abc new. “…the murder capital of the world. On average, there

was nearly one homicide per hour there in the first three months of 2016, according

to El Salvador’s government organization Instituto de Medicina Legal. The country

has a murder rate 22 times that of the U.S.” To be name “the murder capital” in the

world it really means that El Salvador is very dangerous. Innocent people are dying

every day, every hour because gang members don’t know what to do with their life

and is not fair. I feel so bad for all those families that fear for their life because I

know how it feels like it. “Dozens of families come to the morgue every day to

search for missing loved ones and identify the dead. A woman named Eriselda

came to the morgue to claim the body of her 17-year- old son Alexis, who was

killed by gangs the night before. She said another son, Roberto, was murdered just

two months prior.” Two of her sons were killed and now she fears that gang

members come after her other son or come after her. As far as I know this country

is violent I feel like the government should do something about it. The government

is supposed to be there to help their citizens. However, the government in El

Salvador is not doing nothing to help innocents not to be scare of even going out of

their house.

Honduras is also a very dangerous country and the more affected there are

the children. I come from Honduras so I really know what it is like to be living

there. In the article “World Report 2016: Honduras” by Humans Rights.

“Children experience high levels of violence, largely perpetrated by armed gangs.

Many are recruited into these gangs or are frequently under pressure to join

them…” Children are the ones who suffer the more, they are constantly threatened

by the gangs to join and if they don’t do it they’ll kill them and their families. Also,

if they join and they want to get out of the gang they will kill them anyways. “Fear

of violence drives hundreds of other children every year to leave their homes and

head north, often unaccompanied, to Mexico and the United States.” Children must

leave their families and their country because they are scared that they can be kill

at any time anywhere. I feel that this is not right, having to leave your family

behind because you fear for your life is very stupid! Having to go somewhere else

where you don’t know how far you are going to get without being killed or lost is

not right and is just not fair.

Central American countries are not the only violent ones. Mexico is big and

beautiful but is also a violent country. In the article “Mexico’s unrelenting

violence is climbing to new highs.” It says, “In March, Mexico had more

than 2,000 homicide cases in a month for the first time since summer 2011, when

the country was mired in the throes of a bloody cartel war.” Instead of decreasing

violence is raising which means that the authority is not doing anything. I

remember when I saw in the news when the 43 students were disappeared.

“Women with their faces painted march to mark the 29-month anniversary of the

disappearance of 43 students of the Ayotzinapa school in Guerrero, in Mexico

City, February 26, 2017.” Women marched to protest because they were or still are

in pain because they lost their children.

The United States is very calm and is a very big country and some people

would think that they there is no violence here. However, that is not true there is a

lot of violence here, it might not be like the violence at the central American

countries and like the violence at Mexico but there is violence. In the article

“America’s Violence Problem (and It’s Not Just With Guns)” by Paul Heroux,

says “According to the FBI UCR in 2011, at a total rate of 386.3 violent acts, the

rate of violence per 100,000 people in the USA is: Homicide: 4.7, Forcible rape:

26.8, Robbery: 113.7, Aggravated assault: 241.1” This are some numbers and

some things that people should know. People in the United States also suffer. I will

not defend the central American countries because I have heard and its obvious

that not only innocent people come to the United Stated also gang members have

come here and are making the country worst.

Violence has always been a big problem around the world. It has

taken a lot of innocent’s people life. Because of violence a lot of children are in the

world without their parents. Children from central America and not just from there

from many other places have to leave their country so they don’t get kill. Not just

children but also adults. Violence has increase everywhere. Gangs are taking over

some countries. I feel so frustrated with all this violence because is so hard and is

not fair.

Violence is everywhere and if the government doesn’t do anything to ended

it would keep increasing. Innocent people would keep dying. Families would still

be separating. Violence is a serious theme that everyone fears.

What does Consent Mean?

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Well good Question.

Consent is Basically when 2 people agree to do things with each Other. It’s just not Agreement between Each other it’s definitely a moment when two people wants to share together.

I feel like the society we Live in today does Not believe in Consent due to what’s Forced in on us like the TV Shows and everything else around us. Some kids growing up today believe it’s Cool to touch someone inappropriatly due to what they have seen. Such as seeing it on a TV show or seen it from someone they may know instead of someone telling them do not do this or don’t do that. They will think its ok to touch on someone any type of way. But the generation we live today any and everything happens so you have to be careful at what you do and who you do it with.

First, it’s important to not touch on people because you want to respect them. You want to know they feel as good as you do. It’s no point in doing stuff with someone if they not comfortable, because at the end of the day, you not going to feel good about that. Also, by law many believe charges should go both ways but it really doesn’t if any male do anything to a female they will be charged as an Offender by the State Of Law. If you want to take your relationship to the next level just Ask. Being told no at the time that Means No. But taking advantage of someone by grabbing there body parts can get you some serious jail time .

The generation that I am Growing up with today anything may happen such as a teenage girl maybe walking down the street half naked and a group of guys might call her all types of names just to get her attention. she maybe giggle a little and might  seem like she think it’s funny but in reality she is being disrespected. Instead of calling her names because you are with your friends, why can’t you just go up to the girl and try to get to know the young lady. No matter what she is wearing the young lady still needs to be treated with respect

The positive effect of television

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I was living in Sudan in a city called Port Sudan which is found at the shore of the Red Sea. In this city I have witnessed a lot of different life styles of different people, some of them were rich and having a good life while others where suffering a lack of many things. One of these things that I want to talk about is television. Television was a big way of entertainment in Sudan because in Sudan  life is not like here in the US. Here there is different way of entertainment for example internet which almost found every where in which most people use as a way of entertainment. But back in Sudan, internet is not easy to find so people use television. Still, television was hard to find.

And That’s why I believe that Many households should have televisions because television is a good way to develop a persons mind, especially kids, and also a good way to learn positive things.

The reason why should television be in every households is because television is :

Educational t.v is a very good source of knowledge and it helps to develop children’s skills such as:

human values

learning language through cartoons

News about what is happening in our society


Release stress

Make a person forget his problems

Refresh mind

But some people,  like my English teacher, think that Households should not have televisions because  television is a harmful way to affect a person’s mind especially for kids.

My teacher send me an article called ‘’Why to Avoid TV for Infants & Toddlers’’ written by David L. Hill, MD, FAAP  says ‘’ Just having the TV on in the background, even if “no one is watching it,” is enough to delay language development. Normally a parent speaks about 940 words per hour when a toddler is around. With the television on, that number falls by 770! Fewer words means less learning.’’ And this explains the harmful side of television which is delaying language development  by less practicing talking  to the people around you or to your family members in which the number of the word talked decreased from 940 to 770 per hour in a family discussion. Although this statement is true but I still believe in my point  that television should be in every household because although the talked is decreasing but the positive thing that we earn from television can replace these words and can  make use of it.

Educational t.v is a very good source of knowledge and it helps to develop children’s skills such as human values, learning language through cartoons

According to television  provide Educational programming that can develop young children’s socialization and learning skill and help them  to be smarter in the future by their  knowledge  skill. Some Educational programing are like language  learning programs for the people who are trying to learn new language or like sesame street that teaches skills in math’s , literacy and science skills for kids and  this reason proves  my thesis statement that says every household  should have television.

News about what is happening in our society

It is the way to  transfer us information and news about our society and news about the world , which help us to be more knowledgeable about what is happening around us and be more socialized in our world. For example in Sudan people are not able to get these information’s and news because of the bad living condition and the expensive prices of television and electricity which make the people to be intellectually poor .

Inspire youth and kid to sport

As we all know sport is the most important thing  for most  youth because sport  teach us  team work, communicate with others and  inspire all kids and youth to  learn positive habits and behaviors which is good for their life .According to The best way to expose your kids to sports is through TV. Encourage them to watch different sports like tennis, soccer, baseball and basketball, by co-viewing with them. And this  can help them to be away from doing the wrong thing like using drugs and guide  their mind to the right way like focusing on a sport.

My personal experience

According to my personal experience  television has helped me a lot. There was a time that I learned something through television for example I was playing soccer and  I didn’t know all its rules but by watching soccer matches through television I was able to know more about soccer rules. And also I was able to know  many countries and their history’s through watching soccer match teams from different countries or the soccer world cup in which different countries play each other. So when I hear the name the countries in school or other places I am going to be able to recognize them and  interested to know more  about them . And all this is because of television which made a great impact.

My conclusion

In summary  I believe that every household should have television because television is a good way to develop  a persons mind, increase his/her knowledge and learn positive things. Television is  especially good  for  kids in which they can benefit from it for  educational purpose. Television also provide  general news and information for all people. But there are some families who are not able to get these benefits like the Eritrean family who were living in Sudan and were not able to get these benefits because of their bad situation they were living. They were not able to offer television because it was too expensive to offer. So the government have to do some thing to help them ,for example should make the price more lower or give free televisions to the people who are in bad living condition to help them to get the benefit that other people get from television.

My annotated bibliography

Advanced television.” Http://advanced N.p., 15 May 2014. Web. 03 May 2017. mexico government has announced that they going to distribute 13.8 million digital TV sets for free during the next 15 months. The government is doing that for a purpose and one of the purpose  is that they want to control peoples mind and make them believe what they want them to believe which they distribute through televisions like news and mass media.

Hill, David. “” N.p., 06 Dec. 2013. Web. 02 May 2017. most familys and parents believe that making infants and toddlers watch television will help them in their early brain development. And this make most households have televisions which is to make their children smarter and their brain more creative in their early age but however according to the website this information is not correct and it says that making children watch Tv or use mobile apps in their early age will have negative effects.

 Wu, Tim. The master switch: the rise and fall of information empires. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2010. Print. Steven Ross who pioneered a new way of organizing entertainment industry through out the 1980s and 1990s for movies , music , magazines. which means televisions at households were used for entertainment for a long time. 
. N.p., 26 Aug. 2016. Web. 27 Apr. 2017. According to nielsen’s national television household universe estimates, there are 118.4 million TV homes in the US for the 2016-2017 season. Which is a big number of households and shows that most households in the US have a big use of TV. N.p., 27 Sept. 2017. Web. 27 Apr. 2017. Worlds leading media engagement company announced that the major milestone of exceeding a quarter of a billion users globally. which is a huge number of people


Life of a Nail Technician

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I am a licensed nail tech I work with pretty much all the nail care products that we use in a nail salon. I think that companies should stop making such harsh chemicals in their products because it can be very harmful for us nail techs and our clients. Some products I have used have actually been so strong that some people can’t breathe in another hand the strong smells cause me to get dizzy and also give me a headache. In my opinion if companies make products that are harmful to people they should stop! having products that care for your nails but harm the rest of your body is not right and people should not have to get sick because of it.

         Companies should stop making nail products with harmful chemicals in them that could pose a risk to nail techs and their clients. Companies should not even sell them with the type of bad chemicals they have the environmental protection agency should make sure harmful chemicals like the ones in nail products stay out market.


Study from Duke University has found that painting your nails with some types of polish could “release endocrine disrupting chemicals into the body. More than 1,500 nail products like sally Hansen and wet N Wild contain TPHP. There Is growing evidence that shows that TPHP may affect hormones, metabolisms, reproduction and development.” TPHP in nail polish is bad for nail techs and especially since we work with those products all the time. those products can get on our skin and cause more effects in our hormones, nail techs get nail polish on their fingers and hands all the time to clean around their clients fingers in order to have their polish looking perfect. sometimes when we polish our own nails we can have a lot of contact with it when you eat and you lick you fingers when you touch your face and also when you scratch yourself.


Technicians are exposed to chemicals in nail polish and glue that can harm nail techs especially by the way it gets in that worker’s body. Investigation shows that chemicals inside those nail salon products, which nail techs are often exposed at very close proximity and in very poorly ventilated areas, could cause Severe problems in the nervous system. Salons should also be aware if the product they use are safe or not If they’re not so safe find a way to prevent most of the products from going into their workers bodies.



By law nail products sold in the united states must be safe for consumers. But many don’t follow the directions on the label. Nail products like that shouldn’t pose a risk as long as you’re using it as directed. For example, some ingredients may be harmful if swallowed but if applied correctly they won’t be harmful. The FDA should still band products like that because we shouldn’t have chemicals that harm our body either way. The FDA is here to protect us from things that can harm us or the environment so they should check all products that go on shelves in order to make sure it won’t harm people.


Dangers of MMA Acrylics

Jessica Vero says MMA was a commonly known ingredient in professional nail products. Used very early in the nail industry it was often known as porcelain nails but by the end of the 70s the FDA in the united states had received numerous complaints related to MMA, which lead to action against several manufacturers. This acrylic product is illegal when being used on the nails it’s can cause permanent loss and damage to the natural nail, as well as numbness to the fingers. Other problems may include miscarriages, lesions on the kidney and liver problems as well as repertory problems. we should still keep in mind products that have already been banned because we get information on why some products are harmful to the body and to see that not all products are safe and if they are not they should be banned as like the other products were.


As a licensed nail tech i think that the products should be safe period and if they aren’t they should not be used or ever sold. products should not harm the consumers, i’m not saying that people should stop making nail care products or they should stop using them but that the companies should stop making products with harmful chemicals. Companies that don’t follow with that the FDA should take action and allow them put their products on the market. People like me all they want is to be healthy and away from harmful products that can hurt or affect the human body.

         Josh is a brilliant young man who works very hard. Coming up his parents did not have the best vocabulary due to the city schools they went to. His parents were hard working so he rarely saw them. In High School, his grades and test scores were way above his school average, so he attended Union University. They offered Josh a scholarship. But when he got there, everything was so new to him, the new buildings, the new people, just everything was new & Josh was very inspired. When he received his schedule, he entered a classroom full of brilliant people. Their vocabulary was very stimulating and at that moment he knew that’s where his problem was going to be. Nobody he had ever known used words like this, and he felt lost.

          Normal children who grow up in a household surrounded by people learn languages that is being used around them. Babies spends months playing around with sounds. Children learn languages automatically even if their parents help them or not. According to Patricia K. Kuhl(Natures Reviews)“infants use computational strategies to detect the statistical and prosodic patterns in languages inputs”(November 5th 2004). This means that infants can calculate up how many words they heard in a day to understand it.Infants can define and understand the use of objects and relationships to each other.Babies learn languages based on the languages being used around them. Therefore, the type of languages spoken around them is very important.

        Using advanced vocabulary around young children and babies help their brain cells. Parents give children a chance to touch ,taste,see,hear and smell. Parents teach their children what they know and based on what they have learned. According to a blurb about a Podcast on this subject on “By age four, toddlers in low-income families hear 30 million fewer words than those in high-income families, according to researchers”. Parents in low-income families can only teach their kids what they have learned because most likely they haven’t finished school or went to an under-funded school. Parents in high-income families most likely went to college so they can teach their children what they have learned throughout school.   


          Parents with limited vocabulary do have options for exposing their children to more words. They can read academic books to children  and verbalize words with them. They also can watch videos and discuss them with your children to help them understand.Reading challenging books and watching films with big words helped me because i can use pictures and other context to figure the word out. If somebody tell me a word i never heard before i need to see a picture of it and hear other people say it in different ways to understand.If this what i can do as a adult than you can use the same strategies with your child and it will have a greater impact.

        According to Patricia K. Kuhl “Experienced early in life might help to explain the long-standing puzzle of why babies are better language learners than adults”(November 5 2004). When the baby come out the womb they are ready to learn the world around them.

         Reading children academic books helps the child understand what the words mean. According to Catherine E. Laing babies first start learning languages by listening to rhythm and intonations of high and low pitch and loudness of syllables in speech, “in the third trimester of pregnancy, when the infant’s ears of sufficiently develop, the intonations patterns of the mothers speech are transmitted through the fluids in the womb”(Laing). Babies start to understand the tone in your voice and what the word mean. Once a child fully know the word they have been spending months playing with the sounds and connectings words with meanings. If you understand the book and read it to your child it will help the child understand more. Even if you don’t  fully understand the book it’s still good to read to your child. It’s still good to read to your child because you want your child to understand how to say and pronounce words. It helps the child process the word that’s being used.

           If you sit down with the child and watch videos with them and talk to them about it, it helps them understand more.You can use words you use talking to adults even if the child doesn’t understand. According to Roberts teachers can be a good help towards children because they ask questions and give comments   “Effective teachers weave in questions and comments as they read, creating a conversation between the children, the text, and the teacher. To facilitate word learning, teachers employ a variety of strategies such as elaboration of student responses, naming, questioning, and labeling” (Roberts 2008).It is good that teachers ask questions when reading because they want the child to understand what’s going on in the book. Parents can do the same when they read to their child or when they’re discussing a movie.  Have conversations with other adults as your child listens.  Make sure your child asks questions and clarify when they don’t understand something.

           This research help me understand that children learn languages by being around people and interacting. Children can learn languages easily. They learn automatically even if the parent taught them or not. Children learn words faster than adults. Kids absorb everything they hear. You can give children a chance to use their new words on you.The more you use bigger words around children  the more their vocabulary expands. The more fun and positive an experience they have by learning words, the more interested and able your child will be in expanding their vocabulary. Now that you know this, how will you help your child increase their vocabulary?

Homebirths should be covered by Insurance.

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One day in class we were told to do a research paper on any topic. It was choices of topics and I was suggested to research on home birth how insurance doesn’t cover the bill of it. Wellit’s more than just how insurance doesn’t cover it. People have option how to give birth in the hospital or at home. Everybody experience are different. My sister gave birth in the hospital. Her experience with both of her sons was almost the same 2006 she gave birth to her oldest son and recently 2015 the youngest was born. With both she had a C-section. During labor of both she was in extremely pain so she was giving epidural and they gave her antibiotics for the oldest after 9 to 10 cm of pushing. My teacher gave a home birth she loved the first time experience and didn’t have any complications may had a lot of pain with no type of cure with the help of her midwives.

Home birth is delivering your child outside of the hospital into a home of your choice with the help of certified professional midwives. Choosing your home give you to have the experience and be controlling of your own self. You may feel more comfortable in your own facility also.

Insurance does not cover everything families have to come out of pocket and pay the fee. Homebirth you’re paying $2000-3000 for the midwives like prenatal care, labor/ delivery, & supplies. Stated in an article “an average uncomplicated vaginal birth cost about 60% less in a home than in a hospital”. Going to the hospital covers everything when you have insurance. You have strict rules that come with hospital boundaries you wouldn’t be able to see your child after birth he/she will be in observation for at least 4 Hours. And has limit hours for the mother to see the precious child she then gave birth to for hours.

Because home births are as safe as hospital births for most women, they choose to deliver in the hospital you may experiences more doctors or nurses when need of one, and the cleanliness but it’s not as safe as you think hospital tend to have a high risk of C-section most women prefer for epidural during labor to help to relax the pain. According to the article” risk” C-sections are super more risky then vaginal birth its complications mothers go through couple days after the delivery or their birth. Babies Tend to have really fast breathing due to schedule C-sections and other reasons that can cause tachypnea. Most people after this surgery cannot move right away which can cause blood clots in your legs because there no movement to keep the blood flowing.

According to the author Patricia A. Janssen et. al in their study “Outcomes of planned home birth with registered midwife versus planned hospital birth with midwife or physician” it states women who has a planned homebirth with a midwives have last chances of perinatal birth rate.”perinatal death rate per 1000 births was 0.35 in the group of planned home births; the rate in the group of planned hospital births was 0.57 among women attended by a midwife and 0.64 among those attended by a physician”. It seems women that spend time having intervention with physician and midwives due to hospital birth have bigger mount of perinatal death rate then planned birth and that its much more safe to have a home birth because you’re not having to many people to surround you checking on your blood pressure or seeing would you like to receive any pain medication such as epidural. Everyone can’t concentrate with 8 different people in the room all at once. When your home you can be in your own space and be more comfortable with people you know and love around you also your baby won’t be taking from you not one second of you giving birth.

Throughout my Research I found out that Hospital birth is so difficult especially when it comes with such complicated situations every parent ideal birth is to go smooth with out hearing you may need a C-section in order your child to make it that’s why home birth is such a better way to give birth when you are in good conditions because you don’t have too many things happening around you and it’s also cheaper. This relates to my Thesis statement because you get the same care to as if you was in the hospital but differently. I feel like the only difference when it come too it is that you’re getting help from a midwives that has more experience in homebirth then a physician who may have more experience in hospital birth.