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Should Baltimore be a Sanctuary City?

Posted: March 23, 2017 by vanderwoodsen02 in Uncategorized

Dear Mayor Pugh,

I understand that Mr. Trump’s threat to block every sanctuary city’s funds seems frightening to basically all of us. However, immigrants highly influenced the city’s economy. Baltimore should be a Sanctuary City. There are hundreds of businesses and associations created and administrated by immigrants. Immigrants literally made this country what it is right now. Illegal immigrants.

Baltimore is a city full of opportunities and misunderstandings. Documented and undocumented immigrants come here from all the places, since Baltimore is a “Welcoming City” which, if you asked me, I think that’s stupid and unreal, since if an undocumented immigrants gets arrested, their personal information can be send to the FBI and they might deport them, even though they’re a good human being and a hard worker.

According to this Wikipedia article, “In 2000 the total population was 651,154 and 417 African Americans 417,009,Whites 201,566, Hispanics 11,061 Asian Americans 9,824, Other 11,694.” This  means that more than half of the population was somehow immigrant related. By now the Latino, African and Asian community group has grown by 8.4 percent than it was in 2000. We get a lot of refugees in Baltimore, people trying to find a better life, a better future for their children, or they might be running away from the violence or poverty in their country.

Why shouldn’t they have a better life here? Just because we are all scared of the president’s acts, should not mean that we have to put other lives at risk. Baltimore may be a little city in comparison to New York or Chicago, but as them we have many immigrants making a difference there and we, as a city, as people able to feel sympathy have to help all the dreamers and hard worker undocumented immigrants. At this moment, I’m talking as a young American citizen with plenty undocumented but amazing immigrants friends. I know people that have basically lived their whole lives in this country and they still don’t have their legal status and since Trump was elected they have been… acting and looking different with sadness and fear in their eyes. They’re scared of what might happen to them and their families. And just the thought of someone having to go through this nightmare without having done anything bad, breaks my soul. We should care more about the people who live here than a reality star called Donald Trump. I want my friends to feel safe and happy again. They deserve that, at the very least.

However, since the main argument someone else might have is probably that President Trump is threatening every Sanctuary City by denying them the federal funds the said city needs. Besides the fact that he needs the cabinet department to agree with it, he cannot fully cut the funds, since there are laws that basically force the government to give money to every city. Also, if Trump cuts the funds the Sanctuary Cities wouldn’t have to pay the government the tax money they collect. We could survive as a city without federal money. Or even increase the percentage of the taxes a little bit more. Besides, most taxpayer money is beyond Trump’s control. The federal government can’t demand that state officials or local officials do their work because of the tenth amendment. That means that the feds can’t really require local police to collect immigration status from people and since they don’t ask people about their immigration status, they most likely have no information about any undocumented immigrants. Also, if Trump cuts the funds, it means that the homeland security department will be affected by this decision which means that the city won’t have money to pay police officers or even immigration officers. So by cutting the funds, he is basically making the cities unsafe and less tough for immigrants. He is contradicting himself.

In conclusion, we, as city of immigrants and descendants of immigrants, should officially make Baltimore a Sanctuary City. No one should feel unsafe here. 🙂