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Posted: March 24, 2017 by themonkey11 in Uncategorized

I’m from Honduras my first language is Spanish, i was at school in my country but teachers don;t teach good English, school in Honduras is very different from schools in United States. I came to the United States in June of 2015 and started studying in Patterson High School on October of 2015. when entering the school t was very difficult for me to understand what the people said to me because i did not understand any English but nevertheless i tried or tried with the help of my professors and i was learning a lot in  any classes because when i came to this country i did know any English and when i came to Patterson all my class was ESOL and my teachers they taught me English and they told me this word pronunciation is like this, this word that mean in Spanish and a lot of the things that i was learning in my class of ESOL.

my teachers help me a lot. I learned English because they taught me about the animals, the countries, the numbers, the colors, a lot of thins. when i try to pronounce one word, i said no i can;t pronounce this word and they told me yes you can try one more time and never give up,that how i gradually learned and understand English, and also my teachers learned me the verb to be , the future,the pass, the present a lot of things  that they teach me.when you to propose something you can do it, is just if you want the most important part is that the teachers help a lot because they know that you can’t speak English and they do many things so that you can understand. for that is that Patterson is the best about ESOL class,if you learn English you can understand what the people said and be able to realize your dreams.