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Karuna Thapa
I was in 11grade I was in Patterson high school and I was pregnant. It was so hard to come school and do so much work but I did work in class and I get absent some days. I was thinking all night if my baby was delivery in august how I can go school, how I can finished my school
That 3 days I was holding my baby to my arm I was looking him who’s face look like him like me or dad, we was talking like that and I was talking all night with my baby he was with us all 3day in hospital. But he was always crying all night than we have carry him our arm.
I was thinking that I will left the school I am not going back school but this year is my last year all my mom and boyfriend told me you just go school just finished this last year don’t worry about baby your mom in low will take care for him. But I don’t belives is she really take care my baby same like me.
And when I was in school I miss my baby what he’s doing? Did he eat or not? Did mom in low change his the dipers? I was always thinking that at school. And when I went to back from school he was playing in bed. If he laugh I laugh it’s make me so happy. He can just see the light and talks shake his hand in 2-3 month.
I am learning that how to rising smart baby and I learn from my research that not good for baby to watch TV 2years baby and not scream loud in front of baby not good for baby brain. Beause “the first 2years of kid is critical time for brain development. And watching TV steals time away from kids”. I think teals time away from kids means that takeing time away from kid because if baby sitting and only watching TV he didn’t do nothing he didn’t play he didn’t talk to mom, he didn’t learn others things. So Babies only focus one thing and I think that cannot help him to learn others things.

They said from baby and I think this is true because I give my baby to watch TV and I know that’s not good for him but when he was watching TV he happy sit quite that’s why I have time to do some work in that time. But when I didn’t let him to watching TV he start crying and he start screaming.

When I turn off the TV, my baby start crying, but if I bring him outside of house, show him flowers which in our garden, point with my finger to see birds are flying and cars are driving, he really enjoys outside. I keep him like 10 minutes at outside. And he is growing so fast he can fall down from bed, sofa like anywhere we have to be alert to him. He turn all around in the bed. When he was little he couldn’t move anywhere he just stayed in one place. But now he moves all round. And he puts anything around him in his mouth. According to the article ’’The Effects of TV on Baby”, babies learn by “manipulating things around him. These are activities that help your baby develop the skills he needs to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.” This means when he play and what mom teach to him it’s goes to his brain and what he see all the time he learn from there and what people are doing to in front of him he exactly do same thing.

Teaching colors and books to baby. When I was doing my homework he was sitting next to me and when I done my homework I was showing him book and I said to him say A,B he was holding book he looks carefully, he put his mouth playing with books and I teach to him this colors is this and baby can listening mom voice what I’m saying. They loves the colors full thing because it’s so light different colors. And I think we do all day 30mintes so baby can learn so fast and when they grow bigger and bigger they will know words and colors. According to Carol A. Quick, EdD, in her article, “Reading Books to Babies,” on

It’s mean teach the baby to make smart and talent because in future baby will get so smart and makes parent proud. And when baby was small and they learning numbers, letters, colors it’s will be help baby in future. Because in book all written name and numbers and what words mean. because it’s good for baby to read books book can help to get smart brain.

teaches a baby when we get happy we smile and when we sad we get angry we can make that faces and teach them. And it’s really important to all baby should learn the numbers, letters, colors, and shapes because baby should know what the number of this thing and what the letters of your name? what the colors you wearing clothes this is the things baby should know. Gives the baby what happening to around him and what are things around him. I always take my baby outside for 10 minets he happy and I show him all the around and I show him flower in the garden. And I teach him to show my finger say 1,2 and then take a book I let him to touch the book and I teach the letters of name and others things but I think he didn’t know what im doing with him he wants to eat book. And when he doing worng thing I said no baby. So if I will saying always to him what the right and what the wrong like if he eating bad I said no baby and I always said to him say mummy but he always laughing. And when I was singing with he was keep quite and just listening.
In conclusion it’s really bad to giving watch TV to baby because TV just waist the time baby just sitting and watching TV doesn’t make active and they don’t have to play time. If baby always watching TV how they can learn things and know about world and outside things. So parent so teach the book show them to point finger and teach the colors name and letters, number. This is important thing to know baby because they will know in future and baby will get smart when they learn from small age. I learn from this my topic so much things what good or bad for baby.