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What is happiness?

Posted: May 23, 2017 by michaelcandelaro25 in Uncategorized

Money isn’t always going to make you happy, we might enjoy it for a little while but won’t then it will fade away.
In many movies and life experiences that I have seen and had myself, I know that money isn’t what will give you joy in life. A great example will be the Great Gatsby, when Jay Gatsby has everything that can make him feel good about himself and feel loved by a women. He throws parties just to feel like he has friends which makes him feel loved for a meanwhile but when they leave he goes to back to be alone with no one besides his house and cars. I have experiences where for me to feel happy or feel some type of love; I would say don’t worry I’ll pick you up or I’ll buy this for you don’t worry but then when I’m home in my room alone I feel a alone because I feel did all that but they don’t have any love for me. So in my mind I think if i think if I buy someone so and so they might want something with someone, it always doesn’t work that way.
Money is the key to make you happy in life. I know that money isn’t what makes us happy because in the book Happy by Ian K. Smith he use a quote which says “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result getting something we don’t have but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”- Frederick Koenig. What Frederick Koenig is says that we might feel that materials objects might make us feel happy but what really gives us happiness is to love ourselves and appreciate what we have. There have been so many people that have so many material objects but still don’t feel content with themselves. People may think that those materials objects might make them feel “better or happier “ but in reality they really aren’t.
The Bible was one of great sources that I got the really meaning of happiness, in Luke 11:28 it say “ happy all those here is the word of God and keeping it”. Good will not be to our visibility but if you believe in something beyond yourself, you are going to be in lighten with word and you will feel great about yourself. Most of the happiest people are the people that believe in god because the feel that they have a reason for what to believe, they also believe that god is always with them to give the love and support what they need to move on.
In the movie of The Incredibles by Brad Bird, Mr.Incredible says to his “you keep trying to pick a fight but I’m still just happy you’re alive. He tries to say after all of the chaos that he went through with to try to get his family back. He was away from his family quite a while he was working so much that he didn’t even get to see the people that he loved. He was happy with the materialistic things like his new car and he was forgetting that he had a family that was waiting for him in the house. Which he just wanted to get away from his family to feel like a hero again but once he was away he started to notice that his family is very Important of his happiness and his motivation to keep going in life.
In the article of A study of happiness, Rachel Mills conducts an experiment on herself and friends to see if friendships were a main part of our happiness. What she got to find out that our relationships between friends plays a big role on what we have on happiness because on how we interact with friends that make part of us a human being because as friends they change or point of view on things which may seem good or not. She also found when we are with our friends we feel loved and comfortable we don’t have hide our defects .
In conclusion I believe that in life you have to take advantage of what you have in front of you and appreciate who you are as a person because if you first don’t love yourself first then you will not find the happiness that you await for. As Sonya Parkers says “ In 2017 Be your own best friend, Love yourself, fight for yourself, make yourself happy and chase after what you want “