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healthy diet for a good heart

Posted: May 24, 2017 by lmcneil1993 in Uncategorized

One day I was in so much pain after eating a chicken box from

the Chinese Restaurant. It felt like a big ball that was in my

stomach it hurt so bad to the point that I had to go to the

hospital once I got to the hospital they took me back right away

for a x-ray and when they was doing the x-ray I barley could

move. The Nurse told me she thinks something else is wrong

with me so they called the doctor in my heart was beating so

fast because I knew by the look on the doctors face that

something was wrong with me. The doctor asked me have I ever

had heart problems and I answered No! So he says to me lets

take you down for a CTE scan and find out what’s really going

on with your body. Once my results came back saying that I had

a ball like fluid on my heart I was so Devastated but one thing I

said to myself was how Im going to overcome this without

having surgery my answer was that I had to eat healthy in order

to have the perfect heart and body.

Once I was diagnosed about fluid on my heart I started

Researching. What I found is that people should eat small

portions of nutritious foods in order to have a strong and healthy


The first thing I looked up is the foods and vegetables that I

needed to eat but this quote doesn’t tells me what kind of fruits

and vegetables I need to eat but as the article goes on it does

explains to me. In the article “15 Heart Healthy Foods to Work

into your Diet” Cleveland Clinic’s Julie Zumpano says “You

can definitely reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular

disease by eating certain foods every day.” “There is a great

variety of fruits and vegetables that are good for your heart.”

(Zumpano) This quote means that she saying if you eat more

fruits and vegetables it will not cause you to have Heart disease.

This proves my thesis because if you eat healthy you would not

have problems with your heart.

Some people think by eating fats is bad. It’s not because

according to “Health Line” you can eat fats but the problem is

that we as people is eating the wrong types of fats like for

example Butter, Beef or Pork Fat They are the types of fats you

shouldn’t eat because they do not give your heart no type of

Nutrients. These a fish “high in omega-3s, such as salmon, tuna,

mackerel, herring and trout.” These types of fish is good for the

heart because it breaks down nutrients for the body and heart.

Instead of me eating more pork I can eat less pork and eat more

organic chicken breast. I don’t like Fish but since I found out its

good for my heart I can maybe bake it and eat it with some


All of the good heart healthy nutrients for your heart but there

are also some fats that is bad for the heart.

“Oatmeal, Red, yellow and orange veggies such as carrots, sweet potatoes,

red peppers and acorn squash are packed with carotenoids, fiber

and vitamins to help your heart.”

According to the American Heart Association “Which fruits and

vegetables are Best” its says  “They’re all good! If you eat many

different types of fruits and veggies, you’re sure to get all the

different types of nutrients you need” The American Heart

Association recommends filling at least half your plate with

fruits and veggies in order to make it to the recommended 4 ½

cups of each per day. The good news is that all produce counts,

which means canned, fresh and frozen varieties can help you

reach your goal. This quote is breaking down he amounts of

fruits and veggies you should eat a day and also have. This

relates to my thesis because once you start eating more of your

fruits and vegetables your heart will be stronger. Instead of me

eating a bag of chips everyday I can replace it by eating a apple

that will be more healthy for my heart.

All these different types of foods that I just listed is good and

bad but you still can eat to much of them like for example you

will need a portion size.

Serving Sizes and Portions

A portion is the amount of food that you choose eat for a meal or

snack it can be big or small depending on how you eating It . for

example you can have a big salad and a little bit of chicken also

you can have a lot of vegetables and 1 piece of meat on the side

with a glass of water but .”The Article says” Average portion

sizes have grown so much over the past 20 years that sometimes

the plate arrives and there’s enough food for two or even three

people on it” This quote means that lot of people thinks its ok to

do a big portion size when they don’t know all you need is a

little bit of food and its going to be ok for a healthy heart . This

relates to my thesis because if people knew that small portions

of food will give you the best Nutrition for your heart.

When I eat a big of plain chips it gives me a different taste from

when I eat a salad because to me junk food is good in my mind.

Because long as I’m eating it. I’m thinking by its filling me up I’m

getting the nutrition that I need for my body when its really not

its only making my body worse and building up more fat. So for

Example when I eat a salad it don’t give me the same taste affect

like the plain chips do because its no salt or nothing in it but just

me eating that one salad its good for my body and giving me all

the good nutrients that I need in my body like for example I just

started liking Asparagus. I didn’t like it at first because it didn’t

really have seasoning but once I knew you can put season on it

but use have to you the seasons that don’t have salt in it and

once I start doing that I was loving also a good thing about

asparagus its way more less fat and it gives you good vitamins.