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Should Baltimore join the Defiance?

Posted: March 24, 2017 by kvng.taetae in Uncategorized


Good Afternoon Mayor Pugh


      I am a student in Baltimore City and in my school we’ve been discussing President Donald Trump’s recent plans on signing an executive order that will ban several Muslim countries from traveling into America. His actions caused a great uproar within many cities in America.

In Addition, many of America’s cities and counties plans are to defy Donald Trump’s campaign to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. On belief that he is systematically trying to oppress a group of individuals based on their ethnicity and religious beliefs. We are reading this Article “The Real Baltimore: Sanctuary Cities As Resistance to Donald Trump”, well the title speaks for itself they’re trying to convince the social capital on welcoming immigrants to their cities with open arms and support their decision on defying president trumps actions.

The cause of his actions led to many cities and counties opening their city as a sanctuary for immigrants. Within my investigation I will state several effective reasons on why Baltimore should or should not join this great cause and become a sanctuary city.

Living in Baltimore I find it to be very diverse and filled with a lot of culture. Despite their cultural differences Baltimore citizens find ways to interact and collaborate with immigrants no matter their ethnicity. Being that immigrants makes up 7.7% of Baltimore’s population and follow their social responsibilities as Baltimore citizens.

Our previous Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stated “I don’t really think of people as legal or illegal,” she says. “Are you productive, or are you not productive? That’s really my focus.” ( I completely agree. Most Immigrants that immigrated to the US are only here to find refuge and statutory, and a place where they can find solitude and a healthy place to raise a family. Without those immigrants Baltimore wouldn’t have this much culture and this much love and diversity. 

My school has students from all over: Latin America, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia. These students are proud and honored to be able to be educated, start a family and live a full successful life within our wonderful city. They’re helping build a nation that they don’t originate from, and they’re doing it so they can be accepted, but you won’t accept them because of their race or religion. No one should have to fight to be accepted.

Now I’m not saying Baltimore doesn’t have their downfalls and don’t have those who don’t particularly respect or honor those who immigrate here. But that’s where I open my counterclaim on why Baltimore should not  be a sanctuary city. Even though Baltimore maybe a “Welcoming city” that’s just a title we’re not exactly all that “welcoming”.

We have cultural differences, and discrimination based on racial notions and ranking of culture as higher and lower in relation to each other. What I mean by that is no matter how diverse we are, we’ll always have those who’ll try and belittle an alienate an individual based on either, their ethnicity, race, sex and/or sexual preference.

There are many risk factors from entering this city illegally, One major one would be suffering from Institutional racism from white supremacist or ignorant men and/or women, just because they don’t legally belong here. They should be able to make a living here and receive the education they deserve.

Another being that if those same undocumented immigrants get arrested, their personal information must be sent to the FBI without a doubt. Maryland is associated with the FBI so if we wanted to become a sanctuary city we would easily be shut down and if they choose to deport those undocumented immigrants, we would be giving up on hard working, driven, and responsible citizens because of their ethnicity or because they illegally entered the city.

Don’t just look at them like immigrants but as humans and as rightful citizens that work hard to build a city they aren’t even native to. But knowing most Americans they don’t support that which is why I don’t think we should become a sanctuary city because it wouldn’t be safe for us nor the immigrants just in case it gets violent.

Immigrants are afraid to speak up on this because they don’t feel welcome they don’t feel like they belong here, so that being the case they wouldn’t want to speak out of term and share their opinion because we have people like President trump trying to deport them because he feels as though they’re criminals or terrorist of some sort.

President Trump stated “Block funding for sanctuary cities. We block the funding. No more funding.” If Baltimore were to join this defiance we could risk our funding and we desperately need that. It would be like redlining an entire city, but other then being financially at risk it would be because we are opening our city up as a sanctuary for those who need refuge and a home.

Demondtae Linton


An Eternal Rollercoaster

Posted: March 22, 2017 by kvng.taetae in Uncategorized

Do you honestly believe god created us to all be the same? Or Do you believe he create us all to be different and have our own unique way of living? I’m here to discuss the importance of sexual diversity, or diversity in general. No one was created to be the same, if that was the case than we would be the same height, weight, ethnicity, religion, Etc. Sexual diversity is one major problem within this system, The LGBT community has enemies all over, whether it’s systematic discrimination, religious and cultural beliefs, or even within the community you’re living in. There will always be hatred and discrimination, because people can’t be comfortable in their skin. Have you ever been told to love yourself and have confidence in yourself? And when you do so you’re judged and when you speak on the topic they basically tell that you’re wrong? It’s getting to the point where those group of individuals are trying to basically wipe us out, like we’re some sort of mistake god put on this earth. But if god’s intention was to spread love, why are his followers trying to stop us from living our lives and loving who we want to love? Are they afraid that one day we will one day gain true freedom and equality.

The LGBT community fought hard for the rights we have now. That’s what we’ve always been doing fighting. Like blacks fought for their rights, Women fought for their rights and Now Immigrants are fighting right alongside us. Why do we have to fight so hard if god’s intentions for mankind were for us to all live equally. It was so nice that they gave us equal rights, rights that we should have already had from the beginning of course. But because you gave us the right to marry, and the privilege to live our lives as we should. Why do you still oppress us, we deserve a voice. We deserve to be treated with respect. It’s not really the government’s fault, I’m aiming towards the homophones, and preachers, and the Men that are afraid to live their truth. We have so many men, not really much the women because most women understand the struggle of being oppressed. Men have been trying to control the lives of others for centuries, and they’re afraid that one day those oppressed groups will fight back without using violence. They’ll fight back by getting their education, and being successful, and living a successful life.  

Are gay men and women not human beings? Do we not deserve the same rights and respect as heterosexuals men and women? We’re living breathing Human beings just like you. We all shed tears for the one’s we love. We all deserve the right to marry whomever we please and shouldn’t be judged for it. We’re all going through emotional pain mentally, physically, and spiritually. But when you attack and assault a group of individuals that are also here trying to gain freedom and rights, Basically causing Physical and Mental abuse to a person because of their sexual orientation you don’t deserve to call yourself a human being. Throughout history we’ve been targeted for wanting to live our truth: Stonewall Riots: The Beginning of the LGBT Movement an event that took place in the late 1960’s. This event inspired so Many LGBT people and opened the eyes of so many Supporters of the LGBT movement. Howard Efland a gay man beaten to death by officers  in Los Angeles, This event also took place in the late 1960”s. Orlando Massacre a Most recent and tragic event that occurred in early June of 2016. An event that had a Major affect on the LGBT community. Is this the life you think we want? Do you truly believe we deserve this?

No one deserves this kind of mistreatment, You should care about the violation of the LGBT Civil rights because we are Human Beings.You should stand and fight with us not against us, not because we’re Gay or Transgender but because we were there fighting alongside you when you all were being physically, and Mentally abused,  We were fighting for rights but now that you have yours you refuse to help us gain ours. We can’t grow as a country if you’re deliberately antagonizing and discriminating against a group of individuals because of something we had no control over whatsoever. Our human rights are being violated and it’s having a large impact on Our Community not only the LGBT. Community but LGBT followers and supporters.

My experience with Sexual Diversity goes a long way. Living in a society where I am judge by the actions of others and the typical stereotypes makes it hard to live my life how I want it. I go to a school full of the typical Heterosexuals, the ones that think every gay dude want them and the down low dudes that are afraid to live their truth. But I don’t allow that to bring me down, nor do I allow that to ruin me and distract me from living my life to the fullest. It’s kind of hard when sports are involved though because I am obligated to interact with the other athletes. Some are so homophobic and judgmental it’s uncomfortable to work with a group of people who judge you before they even know you, But I look at it as if I’m intimidating them. If I make you that uncomfortable to not sit next to me on the bus that’s fine. If I’m make you that uncomfortable that you stop what you are doing just so you won’t be in my presence, That’s cool, you aren’t hurting me. If you can’t get your work done because I’m your partner or in the same group as you, that nice I’m not obligated to care or worry about how you feel because I’m, not going to stop breathing so I can fit the standards of this nation. I can careless of your feelings of me, but you will respect me, because at the end of the day we all deserve that, if you disrespect me and all I do is respect you then that’s not treating me equally.