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The positive effect of television

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I was living in Sudan in a city called Port Sudan which is found at the shore of the Red Sea. In this city I have witnessed a lot of different life styles of different people, some of them were rich and having a good life while others where suffering a lack of many things. One of these things that I want to talk about is television. Television was a big way of entertainment in Sudan because in Sudan  life is not like here in the US. Here there is different way of entertainment for example internet which almost found every where in which most people use as a way of entertainment. But back in Sudan, internet is not easy to find so people use television. Still, television was hard to find.

And That’s why I believe that Many households should have televisions because television is a good way to develop a persons mind, especially kids, and also a good way to learn positive things.

The reason why should television be in every households is because television is :

Educational t.v is a very good source of knowledge and it helps to develop children’s skills such as:

human values

learning language through cartoons

News about what is happening in our society


Release stress

Make a person forget his problems

Refresh mind

But some people,  like my English teacher, think that Households should not have televisions because  television is a harmful way to affect a person’s mind especially for kids.

My teacher send me an article called ‘’Why to Avoid TV for Infants & Toddlers’’ written by David L. Hill, MD, FAAP  says ‘’ Just having the TV on in the background, even if “no one is watching it,” is enough to delay language development. Normally a parent speaks about 940 words per hour when a toddler is around. With the television on, that number falls by 770! Fewer words means less learning.’’ And this explains the harmful side of television which is delaying language development  by less practicing talking  to the people around you or to your family members in which the number of the word talked decreased from 940 to 770 per hour in a family discussion. Although this statement is true but I still believe in my point  that television should be in every household because although the talked is decreasing but the positive thing that we earn from television can replace these words and can  make use of it.

Educational t.v is a very good source of knowledge and it helps to develop children’s skills such as human values, learning language through cartoons

According to television  provide Educational programming that can develop young children’s socialization and learning skill and help them  to be smarter in the future by their  knowledge  skill. Some Educational programing are like language  learning programs for the people who are trying to learn new language or like sesame street that teaches skills in math’s , literacy and science skills for kids and  this reason proves  my thesis statement that says every household  should have television.

News about what is happening in our society

It is the way to  transfer us information and news about our society and news about the world , which help us to be more knowledgeable about what is happening around us and be more socialized in our world. For example in Sudan people are not able to get these information’s and news because of the bad living condition and the expensive prices of television and electricity which make the people to be intellectually poor .

Inspire youth and kid to sport

As we all know sport is the most important thing  for most  youth because sport  teach us  team work, communicate with others and  inspire all kids and youth to  learn positive habits and behaviors which is good for their life .According to The best way to expose your kids to sports is through TV. Encourage them to watch different sports like tennis, soccer, baseball and basketball, by co-viewing with them. And this  can help them to be away from doing the wrong thing like using drugs and guide  their mind to the right way like focusing on a sport.

My personal experience

According to my personal experience  television has helped me a lot. There was a time that I learned something through television for example I was playing soccer and  I didn’t know all its rules but by watching soccer matches through television I was able to know more about soccer rules. And also I was able to know  many countries and their history’s through watching soccer match teams from different countries or the soccer world cup in which different countries play each other. So when I hear the name the countries in school or other places I am going to be able to recognize them and  interested to know more  about them . And all this is because of television which made a great impact.

My conclusion

In summary  I believe that every household should have television because television is a good way to develop  a persons mind, increase his/her knowledge and learn positive things. Television is  especially good  for  kids in which they can benefit from it for  educational purpose. Television also provide  general news and information for all people. But there are some families who are not able to get these benefits like the Eritrean family who were living in Sudan and were not able to get these benefits because of their bad situation they were living. They were not able to offer television because it was too expensive to offer. So the government have to do some thing to help them ,for example should make the price more lower or give free televisions to the people who are in bad living condition to help them to get the benefit that other people get from television.

My annotated bibliography

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Hill, David. “” N.p., 06 Dec. 2013. Web. 02 May 2017. most familys and parents believe that making infants and toddlers watch television will help them in their early brain development. And this make most households have televisions which is to make their children smarter and their brain more creative in their early age but however according to the website this information is not correct and it says that making children watch Tv or use mobile apps in their early age will have negative effects.

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My life back home in Sudan was awesome.I was living with my family in Port Sudan City,which is located on the Red Sea and it is the Republic of Sudan’s main port city. Port Sudan City is known for beauty and  has a hot desert climate  with extremely hot summers and moderately hot winters, requiring the acquisition of fresh water from Wadi Arabat in the Red Sea hills and from salt-evaporating pans.

Although  Port Sudan is not the capital City of Sudan, it has the requirement to became the the capital city,  compared to Khartoum, Port Sudan has much cleaner streets and a good looking places.

The people of Sudan in general is so friendly and lovely, they treat and see every body equally even though there is a lot of people from different country. One thing that makes Port Sudan different from  other cities of  Sudan is that it has sea shore which gives the city much more beauty, especially at night, and makes it an important location for tourism, So in general I can define Port Sudan as a positive side of Sudan.

We were living a stable life in which my father had a good job and we were living in good living conditions.Me and my siblings used to go to the same school, which wasn’t far from our house.This is the school that taught me everything and made me a grown up person.

Although I am not Sudanese and my origin isn’t from Sudan (I am Eritrean), I always feel that I belong to that country because I was born and grew up there and I have spend 18 years of my life there.I never thought that I would ever move from Sudan to another country, but one day my family told me that we have to move to America for a better life and better education. I couldn’t say no, that was the only choice I had: to go to America and live a better life.

Now I’m here in USA living a good life with my family and continuing my education and be successful in the future. But for me I will always keep Sudan in my mind and heart.