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What does Consent Mean?

Posted: May 31, 2017 by johnsonteddy98 in Uncategorized

Well good Question.

Consent is Basically when 2 people agree to do things with each Other. It’s just not Agreement between Each other it’s definitely a moment when two people wants to share together.

I feel like the society we Live in today does Not believe in Consent due to what’s Forced in on us like the TV Shows and everything else around us. Some kids growing up today believe it’s Cool to touch someone inappropriatly due to what they have seen. Such as seeing it on a TV show or seen it from someone they may know instead of someone telling them do not do this or don’t do that. They will think its ok to touch on someone any type of way. But the generation we live today any and everything happens so you have to be careful at what you do and who you do it with.

First, it’s important to not touch on people because you want to respect them. You want to know they feel as good as you do. It’s no point in doing stuff with someone if they not comfortable, because at the end of the day, you not going to feel good about that. Also, by law many believe charges should go both ways but it really doesn’t if any male do anything to a female they will be charged as an Offender by the State Of Law. If you want to take your relationship to the next level just Ask. Being told no at the time that Means No. But taking advantage of someone by grabbing there body parts can get you some serious jail time .

The generation that I am Growing up with today anything may happen such as a teenage girl maybe walking down the street half naked and a group of guys might call her all types of names just to get her attention. she maybe giggle a little and might  seem like she think it’s funny but in reality she is being disrespected. Instead of calling her names because you are with your friends, why can’t you just go up to the girl and try to get to know the young lady. No matter what she is wearing the young lady still needs to be treated with respect


         Josh is a brilliant young man who works very hard. Coming up his parents did not have the best vocabulary due to the city schools they went to. His parents were hard working so he rarely saw them. In High School, his grades and test scores were way above his school average, so he attended Union University. They offered Josh a scholarship. But when he got there, everything was so new to him, the new buildings, the new people, just everything was new & Josh was very inspired. When he received his schedule, he entered a classroom full of brilliant people. Their vocabulary was very stimulating and at that moment he knew that’s where his problem was going to be. Nobody he had ever known used words like this, and he felt lost.

          Normal children who grow up in a household surrounded by people learn languages that is being used around them. Babies spends months playing around with sounds. Children learn languages automatically even if their parents help them or not. According to Patricia K. Kuhl(Natures Reviews)“infants use computational strategies to detect the statistical and prosodic patterns in languages inputs”(November 5th 2004). This means that infants can calculate up how many words they heard in a day to understand it.Infants can define and understand the use of objects and relationships to each other.Babies learn languages based on the languages being used around them. Therefore, the type of languages spoken around them is very important.

        Using advanced vocabulary around young children and babies help their brain cells. Parents give children a chance to touch ,taste,see,hear and smell. Parents teach their children what they know and based on what they have learned. According to a blurb about a Podcast on this subject on “By age four, toddlers in low-income families hear 30 million fewer words than those in high-income families, according to researchers”. Parents in low-income families can only teach their kids what they have learned because most likely they haven’t finished school or went to an under-funded school. Parents in high-income families most likely went to college so they can teach their children what they have learned throughout school.   


          Parents with limited vocabulary do have options for exposing their children to more words. They can read academic books to children  and verbalize words with them. They also can watch videos and discuss them with your children to help them understand.Reading challenging books and watching films with big words helped me because i can use pictures and other context to figure the word out. If somebody tell me a word i never heard before i need to see a picture of it and hear other people say it in different ways to understand.If this what i can do as a adult than you can use the same strategies with your child and it will have a greater impact.

        According to Patricia K. Kuhl “Experienced early in life might help to explain the long-standing puzzle of why babies are better language learners than adults”(November 5 2004). When the baby come out the womb they are ready to learn the world around them.

         Reading children academic books helps the child understand what the words mean. According to Catherine E. Laing babies first start learning languages by listening to rhythm and intonations of high and low pitch and loudness of syllables in speech, “in the third trimester of pregnancy, when the infant’s ears of sufficiently develop, the intonations patterns of the mothers speech are transmitted through the fluids in the womb”(Laing). Babies start to understand the tone in your voice and what the word mean. Once a child fully know the word they have been spending months playing with the sounds and connectings words with meanings. If you understand the book and read it to your child it will help the child understand more. Even if you don’t  fully understand the book it’s still good to read to your child. It’s still good to read to your child because you want your child to understand how to say and pronounce words. It helps the child process the word that’s being used.

           If you sit down with the child and watch videos with them and talk to them about it, it helps them understand more.You can use words you use talking to adults even if the child doesn’t understand. According to Roberts teachers can be a good help towards children because they ask questions and give comments   “Effective teachers weave in questions and comments as they read, creating a conversation between the children, the text, and the teacher. To facilitate word learning, teachers employ a variety of strategies such as elaboration of student responses, naming, questioning, and labeling” (Roberts 2008).It is good that teachers ask questions when reading because they want the child to understand what’s going on in the book. Parents can do the same when they read to their child or when they’re discussing a movie.  Have conversations with other adults as your child listens.  Make sure your child asks questions and clarify when they don’t understand something.

           This research help me understand that children learn languages by being around people and interacting. Children can learn languages easily. They learn automatically even if the parent taught them or not. Children learn words faster than adults. Kids absorb everything they hear. You can give children a chance to use their new words on you.The more you use bigger words around children  the more their vocabulary expands. The more fun and positive an experience they have by learning words, the more interested and able your child will be in expanding their vocabulary. Now that you know this, how will you help your child increase their vocabulary?