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Posted: March 24, 2017 by harlaine in Uncategorized

This a biography of a personage created by myself, Daisy Howard is a child of a wealthy black family living during the time of  Jim Crow laws. Life is not as her parents want her to believe. Trusty of truth, she see her way of living incomplete and will look for all the part missing in her life later on.

My name is Daisy Howard, but here they know me as little lamb. I was given this nickname because they thought it would affects my pride, but responded “My hair is dark, as a burning wood, my lips are pink, like a freshly picked strawberry during the middle of spring and every time I smile, the only thing you noticed is the brightness of my future. You may call me whoever you want, but still, one day my name would be the only name you will remember”.

Being the only Black family in a white neighborhood was seen as a bit of luck in my parent’s view, but I saw it as a hiding place, an unknown environment created to cover the real world and every time the sun comes out, I feel like a shadow in life. I have always lived there, as I remember. Empty houses, empty streets, and empty souls. My neighbors, if I could call them as such, was trusty of blood, black blood. I had always compared them to nocturne wild beast. When the moon is up, the desert streets become noisy and angry, night meeting, strikes and violence will begin. I do not know much, but every morning when I woke up I could still see the footprints of those angry people and burned devices on our yard. My father always says ” I’ve seen worst,and that’s how far they can go,so do not worry”. Each time it happened my father tells me more about his family.  My grandparents were slaves and big dreamers, according to my father. He and my mother were born slaves but not for long, they families knew each other since they were little and ever since, they were always there for each other. After the government declared the abolishment of slavery, my father’s family moved to the north and my mother followed him.

“How was the south?” I asked my mother. “Was it that awful?”

“I do not remember having a fun time there for sure, but still, I can never forget the smile in your father’s face and the look in his eyes when we took our first steps heading north. That’s all I needed to remember” she answered.

My father was the mainstay in our family, he was the one who made us all feel, black and proud to be. He was tall and darker than my mother and I, he was a national lawyer and people respected him for his hard experiences in life. He smiled every morning when he goes to work and comes back home with the same facial expression. My father always said “I do not work to stay alive, that’s GOD’s job, and I do it for you”. He was the MAN of the house and he deserved this title. In the other side, my mother owned a family restaurant she named it theMotherofcooking, she is really proud of it, she talked about it every time and everywhere; kind of an addiction.

I love my family, they are all I have and my home is the only place that I can leave and always come back without remorse. However, the only thing I reproached my parents is not having other children, and the reason they gave me each time was not wanted to have many charges, so that our family grown abundantly wealthy. I could not judge them for that; it was so obvious that they’ve sacrificed a lot to created their perfect lives and now was my turn to do as such.

After I graduated from college, I moved to New York to achieve my dream of becoming an international journalist. My goal is to learn and speak the truth about all the discrimination’s given by blind stereotypes to affect our community. My name is Daisy Howard and I am tired of being left behind, I will stand out because I am not a shadow, I am Black, I am human, I am beautiful and I matter.

to be continuous…