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         My experiences in playing football was expensive and dangerous do to the fact that I brought football equipment and thought I was gonna be safe, but that safety changed when I got my first concussion. First time i played football i had to fill out a permission slip and a contract saying if i get hurt playing football i cant sew for the damages. Then, i had to pay for my football equipment, the first time i saw that equipment, i fell in love. We had black & gold helmets and shoulder pads. We also had the black football pants, but these ones had gold strips on the side of them. I felt invisible putting that armor/equipment on, like nothing could stop me. so a couple games pass and we’re in the championships, that was the day i got blind sided with head-to-head contact and i couldn’t think for minute when it happened. But i can tell you this, if you get tackled in football and you hit your head pretty hard, it will fill like someone is beating you over and over with a hammer in the head while play the loudest opera in your ear. The question is can i still play football YES! but now i know that football equipment does not save you completely and it adds force to any tackle.
         The helmet only protects the back of the head, not the front and sides according to David Viano, he talks on the football helmet and its dangers to the football player himself, meaning the football helmet today could be safe to wear with little impact, but with high impact the helmet becomes a weapon to the victim. With high impact the helmet sends all the force to your head which can cause a person to have a concussion. According to Concussion in Professional Football: Reconstruction of Game Impacts and Injuries “Concussion occurs with considerable head impact velocity and velocity changes in professional football. Current National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment standards primarily address impacts to the periphery and crown of the helmet, whereas players are experiencing injuries in impacts to the facemask, side, and back of the helmet.”(Viano, David C., Dr. “Concussion in Professional Football: Reconstruction of Game Impacts and Injuries.” Http:// N.p., 21 Apr. 2003. Web. 10 May 2017). Meaning if a player tries to tackle someone with head-to-head contact then that could lead to concussion. But if its just a clear body tackle they might just feel sore after the game. This proves that football equipment makes football a much more dangerous sport then it has to be.
          Football Equipment makes you fill more relaxed which makes you think you can do harder hits than normal. According to Victoria Weintbalt she speaks on  the amount of emergency room visit due to football injuries. There are over 1 million visits a year because of football injuries, the most common injury in football is a concussion do to heavy velocity to the head. This also could be fatal if not treated right away. According to Percentage & Statistics for Football Players & Serious Injury “Between 2001 and 2005, U.S. males of all ages made an estimated 1,060,823 emergency room visits with football-related injuries, according to an analysis of data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program performed by the Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital.” (WEINTBLAT , VICTORIA . “Percentage & Statistics for Football Players & Serious Injury.” Http:// N.p., 30 Jan. 2011. Web. 05 May 2017). Meaning the more players think that they are protected in football equipment the more the other players got to see emergencies room visits. The higher the injury rate goes up in football, the more dangerous the game become. This quote proves that football helmets doesn’t always protect the player and it makes football a more dangerous sport then it would usually be.
        Playing while injured makes a player suffer life long injures or post pone his future games. According to Zachary O. Binney, he Speaks on the fact that a football player can still suffer from a previous injury, if he continues to play without proper care or rest. So he subjected that the players who got injured during a football game should sit out until proper care and farther notice on the player health an condition are good. According to NFL Injuries Part II: Variation Over Time “Taken in context with the flat risk of new injuries, this would suggest that injuries occurring later in the season tend to keep a player on the injury report longer than those earlier in the year. However, we have to be careful and remember that the denominators for risk and prevalence are quite different (almost 30 percent different by the end of the season), so we can’t draw that conclusion.” (Binney, Zachary O. “NFL Injuries Part II: Variation Over Time.” Http:// N.p., 02 Oct. 2015. Web. 05 May 2017). Which explains the fact that if a football players keep getting injured and have to sit out, it could effect the team, the coach, and mostly the audience/fans. But if a player continues to player while not fully healed he could suffer from the same injury or even a worst injury. This show that football in equipment injuries makes football a very dangerous sport to play.
         Football equipment makes the player fill like he’s safe. According to Ben Quinn, his Research shows the injuries of teenage rugby players. Rugby does not consists in using equipment like football does which can make it seem dangerous. So Ben wants schools to ban tackling in rugby to make rugby a safer sport for teenage schools. According to Some teenage rugby injuries as bad as in road crashes, study finds “The latest research, by doctors from the department of trauma and orthopedics at Dublin’s Tallaght hospital, focused on three cases where players aged between 13 and 16 were seriously injured when tackled. Two other cases were studied previously.” (Quinn, Ben. “Some teenage rugby injuries as bad as in road crashes, study finds .” Https:// N.p., 07 Mar. 2016. Web. 05 May 2017). Meaning that rugby could have some injuries related to football. An that football equipment makes football a much more safer sport then rugby. This quote shows that football has more protection to keep them safe.
         In conclusion football equipment makes football a very dangerous sport because players playing football in equipment think that they are well protected enough from injury, but little do they know, that the more power/force you put in a tackle the higher the possible outcome of you or the opposing team member gonna get injured. A way to make football a safer sport, i would reduced the armor on the football equipment.