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Origins of bread around the world

Posted: May 24, 2017 by bryanfmolina in Uncategorized
Pastries chef should travel to Central America, India and Egypt and try different ingredients that people use to make the bread and they would taste the difference in each one.   
What pastries chef need to be good in what they do: I found that pastries chef need to go to schools and learn about what the bread need to be good and the people will love it what I found means that they work hard to have all that they want they need to pass through by a lot of steps and they will have a good job at nice places as restaurants hotels and fancy places as bakeries too.  
Pastries chef : They can be females or males it don’t matter the only thing that matter in this is that they need to have a love for make the bread and love to cook they need to go to college first to take classes that are relate to this culinary tradition and then they need to learn about the flour that they need to use for each kind of bread the measure that they need or something if they need any more ingredients different as the flour because the bread need to have different flavor and after they finish school and they know all about pastry they can get job in different place as bakery, restaurants, coffee’s place or the y can open their own bakery and just show to others people how to make it they also can be teachers at pastries schools. The first pastry chef in America was in 1914 pastry chef is one person who is trained to make desserts and all kind of sweet plates bread and others baked goods they also o all the preparations that they need before the dinner service start they need to do a lot of preparation and they need to check that the flavor is really good because they can get wrong on anything if they do something wrong it don’t matter if its small things but all this is going to change the taste so that’s why they go to schools where they learned all about the flour and all that they need and how much they need. It its special because everyone that want to be pastries chef they need to know firs that it sound easy but is not but they have to have in mind that if they learn all this stuff they will be god pastries chef and they will be mentioned around the world how they good are.
Pastries chef around the world
I found that if they travel around the world they will be surprises and how is the difference in every country they will be able to see the difference things that they use to bake the bread and make it have different flavors and some of them give to it colors so they look more good as one without color and the ingredients are not the same some places use more flour than others some of them just eat flat bread its important because they will know more and they will make it by their own way and its special to this people from others countries to meet real pastries chef because they will know more about the real process that they need because in others places they don’t go to pastries schools they just learned it watching other persons every pastries chef should do this because that’s why they decide to be pastries to meet others cultures and others kinds of bread pastries chef should travel and try different ingredients that people use to make the bread and they would taste the difference in each one : Pastries chef should take a break and have the chance to go to different continents around the world and they will get surprise and how is the difference of the bread and how is the steps that they use to have this good bread . they will come back home surprise because they going to see how all this people work hard some of them baked the own bread in small things that looks like ovens but they are made with other things and also some people make the bread with strangers things that they haven’t seen ever in their life.
Que Rica Vida
The bread from America Latina is the best
What I found means that in America Latina they like to make it more sweet and big some places the bread is too big and the prices are less than others it don’t matter the size I guess the only thing that matter is that they use ingredients more important and hard to find or buy  In central America they can find different kind and it have different names as well from Argentina is the one is call Chipa this is very popular bread in the northeastern region of the country. In Brazil, especially in the southeastern region of the country, you’ll find the very popular pão de queijo. The classic cheese bread from Colombia is pandebono, which has an amusing story behind it. An Italian immigrant and baker sold his bread out on the street yelling in Italy “pan del bono”. That means “ good bread”. And Cuñapé is the name for cheese bread in Bolivia, while Ecuadorians named their type pan de yuca. And all this kind of bread have different taste because they don’t use the same way to make it. People from this countries make them bread kinda sweet because Hispanic people like sweet stuff and also they put different color on the top and something they add coconut chocolate strawberry grapes pineapple apple and they put milk inside of the bread in Mexico they have this famous one call pastel de tres leches this one is divide in three parts with a different amount of milk each one everybody love this one for parties and to eat  their self. The bread for America Latina never have to be miss on the table they will ever eat bread don’t matter what time is everybody need to know it because if they have some Hispanic friends they would know already that they can offer some bread.
List Of Indians Bread
 The india bread from where everything came and the place where the first bread was baking
In this country are more because India is one of the most popular country from where the bread came from Appam is one of the south india pancake made with fermented rice butter and coconut milk. Bakshalu made maida chanadal sugar jaggery from the cuisine of Telangana specially prepared for the Ugadi. Baati hard unleavened bread cooked in the desert areas of Rajasthan. Bhakri round flat unleavened bread often use in the cuisine of the state of Maharashtra in india but is also common in western and central india. In india every place have their own bread and they use for different time I guess is because india is one of the places where they eat bread for first time and where they found all the ingredients. It will be a aventure for the pastries chefs they will come back home happy to knew that is a lot of things that they never knew before.
Egyptian flatbread ( aish baladi )
Similar to pita but made with whole wheat flour this Egyptian flatbread is traditionally baked in scorching-hot ovens in Cairo’s bustling markets.
Egyptian Sun Bread.
To build texture and flavor in this bread without a sourdough starter star a day ahead by making a biga or pre-ferment. Here the dough is made in 2-pound bread machine but you can also do it entirely by hand or in a stand mixer with a dough hook.
Biga (pre-fermente)
1 cup bread flour
½ cup whole weat flour.
½ cup rye flour
¼  teaspoon instant yeast
¾ cup water
11/2 to 2 cups bread flour
½ cup whole weat flour
¾ cup water
¾ teaspoon instant yeast
11/4 teaspoon table salt
This is the process that you need for make this bread I guess is not easy it take time to this bread came out with a good taste and the people can be happy when they try it. The Egyptian take the bread as a serious thing i guess its because that’s is from where the first flour came from and from where they found that it was going to be important food.