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Becoming Hamlet

Posted: May 9, 2018 by Badwolf45 in Uncategorized

A play is when a person represents a character in a theatrical reference or a film and I find it interesting.  Me and my classmates did a play on Hamlet but there was things we had to do to accomplish in order to do so first we had to assign characters to each person in the group depending on who has better advantages in reading.  Second we all had to come together as group to see who could display what character the best that’s how my group chose to pick characters when doing so there was plenty debate on who would be the main characters such as Hamlet and the queen & also the people with short lines even had say so at the end of that everyone obtained their position and was ready to go. Everyone being satisfied with their selection played a big role because you wanted everyone to act as if they were in the play and wanted to be there. The next step was performing Hamlet is where everyone lost their cool and thought we was nowhere near ready as we was memorizing our lines. Everyone in the group had lines that they would have to memorize for the specific character. At the begging it was difficult for us to do so because of the way the people spoke, but we were allowed to change the words around to where we could understand which helped a lot. After that we reacted by getting someone in our group to hold the paper we tried to obtain the tallest person possible for people who couldn’t see their lines when their part came up, after days of hard work practice fun eating with my teacher lol and even finding creative ways to make our scene even better we all eventually remembered our parts .something we all thought wasn’t going to happen. The final step to performing Hamlet was to act out the play. To do so , everyone in the group practiced the lines that would have been said and performed the actions which were a part of the lines together we reversed the actions and lines and also as a group. When our group was called up we performed for our teacher and OUR amazing classmates that played the role of our audience. We finished out very strong and successful. In conclusion, me and my classmates performed Hamlet and we had such and great time. My favorite part was getting everyone ready for their part.


The reason I work

Posted: May 4, 2017 by Badwolf45 in Uncategorized

OK so the reason I work is to have money to do the things I like. When you can buy you’re own clothes and do things you like with out asking you’re parent’s. It’s just freeing. Like when I ask mom to take me to subway , she ask ” You got subway money” then I be like Yes …. I …. Do! Lol 😂😂. It is just so nice not having to ask for anything you can just do it yourself. Now Ms.Kirsch Is like you should quit its better to enjoy a free after noon. But I’m like when I’m off and enjoying my free afternoon I have money to do things and not sit in my house all bored and doing the same thing. It is just so nice to have money. I brought new clothes, I spoil my mom with Food I can’t treat my family when we go out. And it looks good for colleges.

New York City

Posted: May 4, 2017 by Badwolf45 in Uncategorized

NYC is a motion picture set.                            You’re the main star!                                       Make a documentary or action;                     In New York it can be both.

Hey star! It’s action packed.                          Drug deals gone wrong.                                   Cops trying to solve it.                                     Snitch? Hell naw,                                               That’s how you stay alive,                              To keep filming your life.

Or maybe you want a musical.                        Broadway got you.                                             Wait, no! Stop! If you really want it you have to,                                                            Lay on you’re back for it girl.                        Make your movie about you.

New York you are not the main star unless you got money.                                      You’re just an extra walking down 33rd street.                                                                    You keep


New York City

Posted: March 22, 2017 by Badwolf45 in Uncategorized


NYC is a motion picture place.

You’re the main star!

Make a documentary or action.

In New York it can be both.


Hey star! Its action packed.

Drug deals gone wrong.

Cops trying to solve it.

Now you are the main witness.

Snitch, hell naw! That’s how you stay alive to keep filming your life.


Or maybe you want it to be a musical.

Broadway’s got you.

Wait no! Stop if you really want it you have to lay on your back for it.

Make your movie about you.


In New York you’re not the main star unless you have money.

You’re just another extra walking down 33rd street.

You keep your head down work and get your check.

Try to make enough for that apartment.

Here’s a little idea for the city that hurts,

If you want your own movie you’ve come to the right place.

But can you afford this motion picture?




Full time student Part time worker

Posted: March 22, 2017 by Badwolf45 in Uncategorized

OK here it is the truth about being a full time student and having a part time job. It’s the worse and the best thing that can happen. From my point of view the worst part is that you are always tired. You are trying to find different ways to get more sleep and more time to sleep. You also never have time for friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. Either you’re at work, home sleep or school working. At work you have to be a robot and be able to do five different things at once annnnd try not to scream or yell at your manager for not helping. I’m going to repeat this:  you will be beyond tired. I work 6-8 hour shifts. So I don’t get off until 10. Even still i get off late because the next shift people come in late as ever. So I don’t get home to about 10:30 pm. Then I’m up doing my homework, so I’m not in bed until 12:30- 1:00 am. Then I’m up at 7:00 am getting ready for school. Now let’s get to the best part. I make more than minimum wage, and i get paid every week. I don’t have to ask mommy and daddy for money anymore. I can pay my own phone bill. I can buy new shoes or clothes. I can get good lunch instead of nasty school lunch. An I save it for college. Also when you do have time for your friends and girlfriend and/or boyfriend you have money to have fun!