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Still alive

Posted: March 21, 2017 by acrobert18 in Uncategorized

At the age of one, was when it all began. I awoke to the Ugandan sun shining bright and the screaming of my mother and my father in a fight once I was aware of what was happening around me. I could see that my mother was bleeding from her head, while my father had a stick in his hand. My parents fought about who would take me and at the end neither one was willing to do that, so I ended  up living with my grandmother. My mother was there for a week, One night in the dark  my mother took all of her things and run off. When we woke in the morning, there no trace of her. After my mother and father’s Divorce was finalized, my father took my older brother and was gone.

Three years later my mother Returned with to my grandmother’s house with two children. I was almost 5 years old. for the past 5 years cancer had been growing inside of me. I thought was feeling sick because of my mother’s return. I began to get sicker each day. four months  had passed with me at home dealing with an unknown Illness, without medication. I cried all day and night, I never sleep.


My family would send me out of the the house and make me sleep in the kitchen, they would even beat me. I screamed out ‘’ my stomach is hurting !! because they thought that I was playing and just being a cry baby. Once I started getting skinny and my hair started falling out, that’s when people started to pay attention. My grandmother called the family together to have a conversation about me. Once she did that I could feel happiness cirising in me because someone had finally began to care. I couldn’t fight this by myself.

My mother took me to a small hospital in the village of moyo. We would stay at that hospital for eight months One day while lying in the hospital bed, someone told me that my father had come to visit. I told them they were talking to the wrong person. To my surprise it was my father there standing in the hospital, he didn’t open his month, not even to say hello , son. ‘’ I precisely Remember him giving my mother eight dollars and then turning to leave. The cancer began to get worse.

I was sent to the biggest hospital in Uganda. Upon arriving we were told that the doctor’s didn’t know what medicine to give me and wouldn’t be able to cure me. I was there for almost two years, with the cancer still inside of me, just on small  pain medication. Me and mother just waiting and wishing for something to happen so that might i can get better.

The hospital was so crowded with patients and family members who didn’t what to leave their loved ones, but couldn’t afford to travel  back and forth from their home and the hospital. No one got cries of agony.

I had gotten to a point where i was so sick they had no choice but to forget about medication and go inside to remove the cancer. After the operation I couldn’t eat or walk, I became so skinny and so weak. I had to be put on a treatment that the doctor’s call feeding. ‘  In feeding they would come three times a day and force me to drink fattening milk in order for me to get stronger again.

Once my mother saw the slightest hint of improvement, she held me by my hand and began to drag me around the hospital, pushing my feet one at a time reminding me how to walk. I gave up on myself because I was so skinny and sick, that i thought I would die. I said to my mother, don’t worry about me if I don’t make it back home with you, and tell my grandmother that I love her and will never forget about her, share my love with the entire family.’’ Her Response was ‘’ we have been straggling in the hospital for almost five years i’m not giving up .’’ after one week of her constantly dragging  me around the hospital I decided to try and walk a lot bit.

After two months I was improving in my weight and strength. I began to develop a little bit of hope for the future. My doctor suggested that I travel to a better hospital because of the possibility of the cancer returning. Another doctor the head doctor in charge have my mother an application for a visa to america. They said america would be a good place for me to go and stay healthy.

After I was well enough to walk alone they said i could return home and wait for a response to the application. I walked out of the hospital slowly and not like before but i was walking and feeling hopeful. God has been with me because i thought i would never going to make it back home or see my family again. it made life become harder for me, and it made me stronger. once I steps outside and saw the sun, I was smiling hard because now I knew I was going to see my whole family again