Come into rm 201. It’s a little messy.  Have a seat at one of these comically small desks, where you can hardly open your book, let alone your mind. Is there a book already on your desk? Pick it up and feel it. Smell it. Read a few lines.

In fact, why don’t you read it to me? Or I’ll read it to you. We can talk about ideas, quotes, events. You ask your questions. I’ll ask mine. Next week we’ll ask each others’.

We can learn a lot by writing. We can learn about ourselves, about books, about each other. In this room, we help each other become better writers. We’re not afraid of rough drafts, or revisions, or even The Editing Process, because we know that all of the great writing we read has gone through the same basic steps–that nothing comes out sounding perfect. We’re not afraid of tough questions, because we know that no answers are absolute– that there’s always room for debate. We know that writing is a journey of discovery. We’ve decided to share some of our writing here, on a variety of topics, because we want to open our discovery process. We want to understand, and to share the understandings we have gained.

At some point, the bell will ring. There will be other places to go. But you’re always welcome back to rm 201.


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