Violence in the world affecting families

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I experience violence before it happened in front of me that was when

some gangsters killed my uncle. Since I was there when they killed him, the

gangsters were looking for me to kill me too, because I had witness everything that

happened that night. That’s when I decided to come to the United States. For that

reason, I had to walk many days in the desert, I had to carry an old lady that was

coming from Mexico afraid of gangs, she was 54 years old. I had to carry her

because she was very sick and she couldn’t walk anymore. We were hungry

because the person in charge of us just give of a little bit of can food. For things

like this we must leave our life and families back because of the fear of getting kill.


El Salvador is a very violence country it has always been but now is even

more violent. Is actually one of the most violence country in Central America. In

the article “In El Salvador, the Murder Capital of the World, Gang Violence

Becomes a Way of Life” By Dan Harris, Adam Desiderio, Jenna Millman, and

Lauren Effron in abc new. “…the murder capital of the world. On average, there

was nearly one homicide per hour there in the first three months of 2016, according

to El Salvador’s government organization Instituto de Medicina Legal. The country

has a murder rate 22 times that of the U.S.” To be name “the murder capital” in the

world it really means that El Salvador is very dangerous. Innocent people are dying

every day, every hour because gang members don’t know what to do with their life

and is not fair. I feel so bad for all those families that fear for their life because I

know how it feels like it. “Dozens of families come to the morgue every day to

search for missing loved ones and identify the dead. A woman named Eriselda

came to the morgue to claim the body of her 17-year- old son Alexis, who was

killed by gangs the night before. She said another son, Roberto, was murdered just

two months prior.” Two of her sons were killed and now she fears that gang

members come after her other son or come after her. As far as I know this country

is violent I feel like the government should do something about it. The government

is supposed to be there to help their citizens. However, the government in El

Salvador is not doing nothing to help innocents not to be scare of even going out of

their house.

Honduras is also a very dangerous country and the more affected there are

the children. I come from Honduras so I really know what it is like to be living

there. In the article “World Report 2016: Honduras” by Humans Rights.

“Children experience high levels of violence, largely perpetrated by armed gangs.

Many are recruited into these gangs or are frequently under pressure to join

them…” Children are the ones who suffer the more, they are constantly threatened

by the gangs to join and if they don’t do it they’ll kill them and their families. Also,

if they join and they want to get out of the gang they will kill them anyways. “Fear

of violence drives hundreds of other children every year to leave their homes and

head north, often unaccompanied, to Mexico and the United States.” Children must

leave their families and their country because they are scared that they can be kill

at any time anywhere. I feel that this is not right, having to leave your family

behind because you fear for your life is very stupid! Having to go somewhere else

where you don’t know how far you are going to get without being killed or lost is

not right and is just not fair.

Central American countries are not the only violent ones. Mexico is big and

beautiful but is also a violent country. In the article “Mexico’s unrelenting

violence is climbing to new highs.” It says, “In March, Mexico had more

than 2,000 homicide cases in a month for the first time since summer 2011, when

the country was mired in the throes of a bloody cartel war.” Instead of decreasing

violence is raising which means that the authority is not doing anything. I

remember when I saw in the news when the 43 students were disappeared.

“Women with their faces painted march to mark the 29-month anniversary of the

disappearance of 43 students of the Ayotzinapa school in Guerrero, in Mexico

City, February 26, 2017.” Women marched to protest because they were or still are

in pain because they lost their children.

The United States is very calm and is a very big country and some people

would think that they there is no violence here. However, that is not true there is a

lot of violence here, it might not be like the violence at the central American

countries and like the violence at Mexico but there is violence. In the article

“America’s Violence Problem (and It’s Not Just With Guns)” by Paul Heroux,

says “According to the FBI UCR in 2011, at a total rate of 386.3 violent acts, the

rate of violence per 100,000 people in the USA is: Homicide: 4.7, Forcible rape:

26.8, Robbery: 113.7, Aggravated assault: 241.1” This are some numbers and

some things that people should know. People in the United States also suffer. I will

not defend the central American countries because I have heard and its obvious

that not only innocent people come to the United Stated also gang members have

come here and are making the country worst.

Violence has always been a big problem around the world. It has

taken a lot of innocent’s people life. Because of violence a lot of children are in the

world without their parents. Children from central America and not just from there

from many other places have to leave their country so they don’t get kill. Not just

children but also adults. Violence has increase everywhere. Gangs are taking over

some countries. I feel so frustrated with all this violence because is so hard and is

not fair.

Violence is everywhere and if the government doesn’t do anything to ended

it would keep increasing. Innocent people would keep dying. Families would still

be separating. Violence is a serious theme that everyone fears.


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