Life of a Nail Technician

Posted: May 25, 2017 by alejandrareyes2015 in Uncategorized

I am a licensed nail tech I work with pretty much all the nail care products that we use in a nail salon. I think that companies should stop making such harsh chemicals in their products because it can be very harmful for us nail techs and our clients. Some products I have used have actually been so strong that some people can’t breathe in another hand the strong smells cause me to get dizzy and also give me a headache. In my opinion if companies make products that are harmful to people they should stop! having products that care for your nails but harm the rest of your body is not right and people should not have to get sick because of it.

         Companies should stop making nail products with harmful chemicals in them that could pose a risk to nail techs and their clients. Companies should not even sell them with the type of bad chemicals they have the environmental protection agency should make sure harmful chemicals like the ones in nail products stay out market.


Study from Duke University has found that painting your nails with some types of polish could “release endocrine disrupting chemicals into the body. More than 1,500 nail products like sally Hansen and wet N Wild contain TPHP. There Is growing evidence that shows that TPHP may affect hormones, metabolisms, reproduction and development.” TPHP in nail polish is bad for nail techs and especially since we work with those products all the time. those products can get on our skin and cause more effects in our hormones, nail techs get nail polish on their fingers and hands all the time to clean around their clients fingers in order to have their polish looking perfect. sometimes when we polish our own nails we can have a lot of contact with it when you eat and you lick you fingers when you touch your face and also when you scratch yourself.


Technicians are exposed to chemicals in nail polish and glue that can harm nail techs especially by the way it gets in that worker’s body. Investigation shows that chemicals inside those nail salon products, which nail techs are often exposed at very close proximity and in very poorly ventilated areas, could cause Severe problems in the nervous system. Salons should also be aware if the product they use are safe or not If they’re not so safe find a way to prevent most of the products from going into their workers bodies.



By law nail products sold in the united states must be safe for consumers. But many don’t follow the directions on the label. Nail products like that shouldn’t pose a risk as long as you’re using it as directed. For example, some ingredients may be harmful if swallowed but if applied correctly they won’t be harmful. The FDA should still band products like that because we shouldn’t have chemicals that harm our body either way. The FDA is here to protect us from things that can harm us or the environment so they should check all products that go on shelves in order to make sure it won’t harm people.


Dangers of MMA Acrylics

Jessica Vero says MMA was a commonly known ingredient in professional nail products. Used very early in the nail industry it was often known as porcelain nails but by the end of the 70s the FDA in the united states had received numerous complaints related to MMA, which lead to action against several manufacturers. This acrylic product is illegal when being used on the nails it’s can cause permanent loss and damage to the natural nail, as well as numbness to the fingers. Other problems may include miscarriages, lesions on the kidney and liver problems as well as repertory problems. we should still keep in mind products that have already been banned because we get information on why some products are harmful to the body and to see that not all products are safe and if they are not they should be banned as like the other products were.


As a licensed nail tech i think that the products should be safe period and if they aren’t they should not be used or ever sold. products should not harm the consumers, i’m not saying that people should stop making nail care products or they should stop using them but that the companies should stop making products with harmful chemicals. Companies that don’t follow with that the FDA should take action and allow them put their products on the market. People like me all they want is to be healthy and away from harmful products that can hurt or affect the human body.


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