Homebirths should be covered by Insurance.

Posted: May 24, 2017 by amiara56 in Uncategorized

One day in class we were told to do a research paper on any topic. It was choices of topics and I was suggested to research on home birth how insurance doesn’t cover the bill of it. Wellit’s more than just how insurance doesn’t cover it. People have option how to give birth in the hospital or at home. Everybody experience are different. My sister gave birth in the hospital. Her experience with both of her sons was almost the same 2006 she gave birth to her oldest son and recently 2015 the youngest was born. With both she had a C-section. During labor of both she was in extremely pain so she was giving epidural and they gave her antibiotics for the oldest after 9 to 10 cm of pushing. My teacher gave a home birth she loved the first time experience and didn’t have any complications may had a lot of pain with no type of cure with the help of her midwives.

Home birth is delivering your child outside of the hospital into a home of your choice with the help of certified professional midwives. Choosing your home give you to have the experience and be controlling of your own self. You may feel more comfortable in your own facility also.

Insurance does not cover everything families have to come out of pocket and pay the fee. Homebirth you’re paying $2000-3000 for the midwives like prenatal care, labor/ delivery, & supplies. Stated in an article “an average uncomplicated vaginal birth cost about 60% less in a home than in a hospital”. Going to the hospital covers everything when you have insurance. You have strict rules that come with hospital boundaries you wouldn’t be able to see your child after birth he/she will be in observation for at least 4 Hours. And has limit hours for the mother to see the precious child she then gave birth to for hours.

Because home births are as safe as hospital births for most women, they choose to deliver in the hospital you may experiences more doctors or nurses when need of one, and the cleanliness but it’s not as safe as you think hospital tend to have a high risk of C-section most women prefer for epidural during labor to help to relax the pain. According to the article” risk” C-sections are super more risky then vaginal birth its complications mothers go through couple days after the delivery or their birth. Babies Tend to have really fast breathing due to schedule C-sections and other reasons that can cause tachypnea. Most people after this surgery cannot move right away which can cause blood clots in your legs because there no movement to keep the blood flowing.

According to the author Patricia A. Janssen et. al in their study “Outcomes of planned home birth with registered midwife versus planned hospital birth with midwife or physician” it states women who has a planned homebirth with a midwives have last chances of perinatal birth rate.”perinatal death rate per 1000 births was 0.35 in the group of planned home births; the rate in the group of planned hospital births was 0.57 among women attended by a midwife and 0.64 among those attended by a physician”. It seems women that spend time having intervention with physician and midwives due to hospital birth have bigger mount of perinatal death rate then planned birth and that its much more safe to have a home birth because you’re not having to many people to surround you checking on your blood pressure or seeing would you like to receive any pain medication such as epidural. Everyone can’t concentrate with 8 different people in the room all at once. When your home you can be in your own space and be more comfortable with people you know and love around you also your baby won’t be taking from you not one second of you giving birth.

Throughout my Research I found out that Hospital birth is so difficult especially when it comes with such complicated situations every parent ideal birth is to go smooth with out hearing you may need a C-section in order your child to make it that’s why home birth is such a better way to give birth when you are in good conditions because you don’t have too many things happening around you and it’s also cheaper. This relates to my Thesis statement because you get the same care to as if you was in the hospital but differently. I feel like the only difference when it come too it is that you’re getting help from a midwives that has more experience in homebirth then a physician who may have more experience in hospital birth.


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