Lead in lipsticks is a health hazard.

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Lead in lipsticks is a health hazard.
Thesis Statement: Makeup should not contain lead because of the danger of
lead to health a certain amount of lead by the human being can cause a number
of harmful effects to health ranging from learning problems to convulsions and
my reaction to know that used lipsticks with lead was worrying, when I find out
was in 2015 that buy to lipsticks color blue, a day I read in facebook about de
lipsticks with lead I could not believe but look to image of lips with black spots I
think any women want have your lips with black spots, we are used lipsticks but
look beautiful, I do not agree with the brands they used lead in your makeup
because many women used this every time and if they do not know that
makeup contains lead can cause many diseases in of body and but this I started
to research looking video learned like know if my lipsticks have lead as well
learned about of the diseases that cause of lead like cancer, problems to
convulsions but this reason I no longer use lipsticks but if used lipsticks first try
that not contain lead but remember that not only lipsticks have lead also eye
shadows,eyeliners, makeup base.
The lipsticks contain an ingredient that is called (lead) cause cancer and can
cause engraving health problems for people,​ ​Many well-known brands use lead
in their lipsticks and eyeliner for example
Mary kay, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Mark America, Red Earth (lips gloss)
e-debes- conocer
Antonacci, Carolina. “9 marcas de labiales con plomo que debes conocer.” ​Vix​. VIX, 27 Dec.
2014. Web. 16 May 2017.
Lead in lipsticks

ounterargument: ​Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are the ones who
review the products so that they can go on sale, and the labials with lead assure
that the levels of lead that is found are not a health risk, ie it has lead but Is so
little that is found that it will not pass anything.
How to know if your lipsticks have lead?
First put a little of the lipstick on your hand, then rub a gold ring on lipstick if the
lip contains lead will begin to change to dark color which is the lead

lead can cause side effects (cancer,
Problems of convulsions, and spots on the lips) with the passage of time of the
use of the labiales.
#3 If an excess of lead is ingested it can cause not only cancer also anemia, devil,
#4 In women of childbearing age and pregnant, exposure to high concentrations
of lead, which while gestation and lactation transmit the pollutant to their
children, generating negative repercussions.
“Intoxicación por plomo y salud.” ​Organización Mundial de la Salud​. World Health
Organization, n.d. Web. 17 May 2017.
​Among all the research, it should be noted that the labials should not contain
lead because of the secondary problems that may occur, among other
investigations, to clarify that many of the lipsticks of reds and brown (the ones
that are more commercialized) The highest content (1.1 milligrams per
kilogram), represents a quantity of 0.000052 milligrams of lead deposited on the
lips by application, which is diminished when considering that the lips are
transferred to the surfaces with which they come in contact, also usually
identify the Lead in the lips for the duration of a color.
​Ramírez, Denise. “La verdad sobre el plomo que contienen los labiales que
compras.”dineroenimagen.com Dinero en Imagen, 14 July 2016. Web. 17 May 2017.
Conclusion: my investigation learned many about of the diseases to
cause of lead, the bad used of some makeup and the responsibilities
of the brands of makeup that used this content (LEAD) only for get
high sales in your product, why I say for get high sales? because in
my investigation understand that they lipsticks that ​they usually last
for a long time those who contain lead and we women do not call
attention more the lips that usually last all day, but true now that
know about of this secret of the lipsticks not wants used more to
lipsticks that promise to last every day, because this could bring
them diseases in your lips and even in their organs , but that when
we eat some and we are using lipsticks part of that leaded lip leads to
your stomach and suppose you use lipstick every day and imagine all
the consequences that could cause in a few years, well here I leave
my opinion my advice,well here i leave them my opinión my tips, in your have decision yes used makeup with lead.


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