The reason I work

Posted: May 4, 2017 by Badwolf45 in Uncategorized

OK so the reason I work is to have money to do the things I like. When you can buy you’re own clothes and do things you like with out asking you’re parent’s. It’s just freeing. Like when I ask mom to take me to subway , she ask ” You got subway money” then I be like Yes …. I …. Do! Lol 😂😂. It is just so nice not having to ask for anything you can just do it yourself. Now Ms.Kirsch Is like you should quit its better to enjoy a free after noon. But I’m like when I’m off and enjoying my free afternoon I have money to do things and not sit in my house all bored and doing the same thing. It is just so nice to have money. I brought new clothes, I spoil my mom with Food I can’t treat my family when we go out. And it looks good for colleges.


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