from opportunity to opportunity

Posted: March 30, 2017 by midence14 in Uncategorized

I born in mexico my father is from mexico and my mother from honduras.Im 18 year olds
Almost 19 when i was child my life was amazing
I live 8 year in my country where i was born
I had a great life in mexico .I had everything i wanted , But one day my parents decited to move to the united states and i don’t really know what is going on because we are happy and we have everything what we want i talk to my self everything in here is perfect but
They just said we are going to Honduras where your grandmother live i just said fine.after a week my mother had already sold all our belongings i was scared because i don’t know what is going on but i don’t said nothing i don’t ask nothing i just was a little girl .after two week more i saw my father saying goodbye to their parents and they are criying and they gave me a hug like they would never see me .i just said i see you in three week grandparents but i don’t really know i was not coming back
I thought they were just vacation but my mom tell me on the way we are never coming back daughter i said why we can’t leave alone my grandparents and i can remember that my mom tell me they are going be fine okay .but later i said don’t care because my parents are going to stay with me so that is the most important thing and my grandparents can come to visit me .we leave from Mexico in the night and the next day in the afternoon we arrived at my grandmother’s house .I was happy because my brother live in there and i have many cousins
With which i could play and the most important thing my grandmother love a lot and i have my parents .i just said God keep my grandparents save in Mexico and that they never forget.
I can remember very well because that month was my birthday and my parent tell me
We are going to the downtown to buy your birthday gift and like five hours later they come back with my gift they buy me bicycle. I was exicted, i was happy this day i can remember that i don’t use my bicycle because was late my father tell me you can wake up early tomorrow and you can use all the day i said yes daddy you can help me to use a bicycle because i never use can you teaching me ,he just turned around and said yes .I said you not are happy daddy we are stay together all the day of tomorrow learning how to drive a bicycles
Goodnight sweet my daddy tell me .
The next day i wake up early i was exicted because i want to use my bicycle i tell my daddy come on daddy he said i can’t today sweet i need go to the downtown with your mother i said okay i will wait for you .But the truth was that they were not coming back they are leaving to the united stated i was surprised because when they leave they give me a big kiss and both of them said we love you so much daughter never forget i was playing in my bicycle i said okay me too i love them and they were crying i said parents don’t cry you are coming back in the night i see you in the night
They said okay daughter see you . I said to my self something wrong is going on but i don’t
Pay attention i continues playing with my bicycle.when was late and they don’t come back i was scared i said where are my parents
And my grandmother tell me daughter your parents leave to the united states i said what and why they don’t took me with them we had never grandmother said keep calm you are going to live with us you are going to be fine i said okay. After one month they called me and aks me how are you sweet i said are you really care how i feel are you really care? I feel bad and sad everything in here is different i need to share everything
I need to wash my own clothes and i can’t ,i need to serve my food i need to do everything for my own self and i can’t .my mother talk with my grandmother and she said you have very spoiled yasury she needs to learn to fend for herself .now my mom was not here to do all my things then i had to learn .my life was little hard because all the time i depend from
My mom and when i wanted something like food ,toys or clothes they bought me as fast as they can but in Honduras was different i need to wait like a month for get something nice
That was my life in Honduras until i came to this country 3 years ago . Finally after 8 years if being away we are back together my life started over again .was a little hard because when i come to this country i finding a different parents ,some parents who were pastors
Was nice but very different .now they had a church in charge and i helped them
It was not the parents who had left me when they come here now it was different .But im happy to have changed the way of my life
Now everything is different but perfect.
We are a family again after 8 years
A family that serves God. A united family that helps other peoples, sometimes the course of our lives has to take different direction sometimes we will not understand why the changes come but the changes are great and God knows why they come into our lives. Maybe my family was separated for 8 years but for that reason i’m here with a great opportunity to be someone important. But one important things never desintegrate their families the family is the most important things the only reason that can makes  us happy.IMG_0053


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