Aftermath of the election

Posted: March 27, 2017 by anthonyg17 in Uncategorized

In the aftermath of trumps presidency win citizens all across America are furious . Even so furious that most wanted to riot but citizens of America took the peaceful route and protested in different cities throughout the United States . Citizens did alot of creative things to make them feel better for a example people made memes and put them on social media and kind of made a joke about it when in all reality this is not a joking matter . The election was truly sad to watch ” the election of the decade ” is a complete understatement . Alot of unanswered questions , confusion took a big toll on your mind after watching or seeing the results of the debate .

What will happen with immigration, abortions , and things that people are struggling need . What will happen ? Stress awaits us all 2017 this time will be a long 2 years to remember . From my personal perspective it was a very difficult pill to swallow . It was shocking for me , it didn’t seem possible I literally thought it couldn’t happen but it did . I took it very serious I didn’t know how to deal because I feel helpless , we are helpless .

Unless we stand up and do something about this or atleast try . So I picked myself up because everything happens for a reason and nothing is put in front of us that we can’t handle so we just have to tough it out . I cannot make this up the day after election was the most calm day you can think of because everybody was so devastated from the aftermath of the presidency election . We just need to hope for the best but prepare for the worst . It’s sad to say but we can get through this we have been through tougher times in our life and tougher times as the people .

Will things ever be the same after his presidential term is finished ? Will the streets be safer for kids to walk on ? Will the homeless rate for America increase ? Alot of those type of questions run threw your mind the worry , the panic , the unease , the tension, the edginess runs through your body . Desperate measures have been taken to release stress after the results were seen . Some people could control their anger some people couldn’t but I was one of the ones who could control it and not dwell on one thing .


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