Short Story of Me

Posted: March 24, 2017 by seriousblack in Uncategorized


First day I got here, it was the month of March. It was kind of cold for me because it’s super hot to where I came from and I wasn’t used to cold weather. At the beginning it was boring because I didn’t have any friends before and couldn’t go out for too long until our green card arrived. The only thing that I was doing so I won’t feel bored is to go on social medias. I talked to my friends through facebook everyday. I used to be up during night and slept all day. It was hard for me to adjust because Philippines and America are a lot of differents. It’s daytime here while it’s night time there.


I felt so nervous on my first day of school here, I didn’t know anyone, and I was the only filipino student that go there so I was afraid to talked to my classmates first. I didn’t know what to say because I couldn’t spoke English fluently. I made friends from ESOL class, where I started. They taught us how to pronounced words and a lot of stuff. Every time somebody asked me questions I just nod my head even though I didn’t understand what they told me. It took me one and a half years to speak english good.Even though I already know how to speak but sometimes I didn’t understand what they’re saying, maybe because of the accent or they’re too fast. But I ain’t worried about that anymore because I kinda get it now.


So, I went back to Philippines last summer-  July 21-Aug 21 2016. I was kind of disappointed. The weather is too hot! The internet were to slow! I guess, maybe I just got used to be in America. The only thing that I enjoyed was the foods. Gahhh if you asked me? I would say Filipino foods are the best, not because I’m from there. I tasted a lot of foods in different country but nothing can beat it. I spent 1 month in the Philippines, I was happy that I saw my friends and families after 3 and a half years. A lot of things change when I went back home. Some of my friends already married and have their own babies. It was sad because our reunion didn’t happen as it planned.I was contented on seeing them again for a long time even though we didn’t have enough time together.



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