Posted: March 24, 2017 by yiuv in Uncategorized

Pollution is a serious issue because it effects not just us but our world too. Pollution effects everything in our world. I’ve seen lakes and oceans in bad condition filled with trash and waste. Pollution is harmful to the environment. The amount of trash and waste polluting the world today is ridiculous. Making our planet dirty and harming everything in it. I am ashamed of how much pollution is in our world. Just yesterday I was walking the halls of my school and I couldn’t believe how much trash I saw on the floor as the janitors were cleaning after school. I couldn’t believe how careless people get with there trash. There is something we all can do to avoid having trash and waste pollute our world. We can reduce our usage of plastic. We can reduce burning fossil fuels. We can reuse and recycle more things like paper and plastic and stop overflowing our landfills. Every little thing you do helps. We can all make a difference. Lets help to make our world green again!


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