My City Our Struggle !

Posted: March 23, 2017 by tjthomas2000 in Uncategorized


Baltimore is a tough city.

All the streets look shitty.

Every drug dealer fighting for all the power.

The way my city is you never know when your mom has to buy flowers.

Baltimore now is not how it used to be.

All this killing every day is new to me. Every morning i pray.

Pray that i can make it to the next day.

Baltimore city is filled with hate and fire.

They hate you because you live the life that they desire.

I can not even think no more i get tired.

Hardest thing that i got to do is get out the wire.

But Baltimore in the summertime is nice weather.

Every young boy goal is to get cheddar.

Meanwhile i’m trying to make my life even better.

People afraid walk there kids to the park.

Some people scared to stay out when it gets dark.

My city say it will change well it need to start..

Baltimore city is like a jungle.

Every animal wants to be king.

In 2016 it has been so many people who god has gave wings.

I know i can’t feel all moms pain.

After there son has been buried or in chains.



In my city my circle is small.

I want everyone to ball hard.

Rather than seeing my people fall hard.

Stop the violence is a popular saying.

But still in my city we have slaying.

All the killing and beefing over territory.

All African Americans are ghetto that’s the world theory.

Sometimes I just wish i could fly away

. And then i think about what could be good for me a mile away.

I’m trying to live and maintain.

I’m not gonna be tamed.

I will not let the streets suck me in there games.

One day I wanna be rich and have a lot of fame.

But i realize to get there i have to endure a lot of pain.

I’m so used to people down-talking for fame.  

Which to me is strange.

I think it was a game.

You were just asking for my change.




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