New York City

Posted: March 22, 2017 by Badwolf45 in Uncategorized


NYC is a motion picture place.

You’re the main star!

Make a documentary or action.

In New York it can be both.


Hey star! Its action packed.

Drug deals gone wrong.

Cops trying to solve it.

Now you are the main witness.

Snitch, hell naw! That’s how you stay alive to keep filming your life.


Or maybe you want it to be a musical.

Broadway’s got you.

Wait no! Stop if you really want it you have to lay on your back for it.

Make your movie about you.


In New York you’re not the main star unless you have money.

You’re just another extra walking down 33rd street.

You keep your head down work and get your check.

Try to make enough for that apartment.

Here’s a little idea for the city that hurts,

If you want your own movie you’ve come to the right place.

But can you afford this motion picture?





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