High School Is Confusing

Posted: March 22, 2017 by lover1819 in Uncategorized

Life As A High School Student


Life as a High School Student can give you a lot of thoughts on life. Some can be really fun to think of and some can put you in situations that make you want to just give up and drop out, but there’s always a way to pull through all the bad thoughts; it’s how you handle the problem. My life as a high school student was interesting in many ways. I mean times got tough for me but for some reason I found my way around. Life as a high school student was interesting in many ways. I use to thing the only way you can get through this young adult hood is to dream the right things. They had so many choices to get the dreams your but talking to someone who understands what I’ve been through has been my choice to help me get through high school.

It all starting with 9th grade “giggles” everything was making me nervous and I didn’t want to go, but knowing that my big cousin and big brother was there with me I felt protected. The only thing that made me nervous was getting to know the right people and how hard the work would be in my four classes. But eventually I got use to things until the middle of the school year thing got harder for me and I felt like giving up. I started playing around and hanging with the wrong crew, but realized how i was acting so i got myself together before I had to repeat the 9th grade.

Before I knew it I was in the 11th grade because my 10th grade year went by smoothly and fast. I joined a sport (Track & Field). It was some to do and to put on my resume. Speaking of resumes there were a lot of thing I had to do to get myself ready for the 12th grade, the last year of high school before I did that I had to get through the 11th because things felt like it was being pushed on you knowing that your time was almost over. I had to keep my grades up, start thinking about what colleges to apply for, have a resume and an essay for college, but most importantly find out what your meager was going to be. I can honestly say your 11th grade year will be you hardest and possibly worst year of high school unless you know what you were doing or you kept your head straight throughout your whole years but all I can say is high school was confusing but yet exciting. It gives me the experience that I needed and help me understand how responsible you really have to be because once you out of high school you’re on your own.


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