Posted: March 20, 2017 by tes247 in Uncategorized


The thing that matters to me most is education. Education is everything to me; it’s power and knowledge. I believe that education can make anything possible. With education, you can change your life from dark to light. So, to succeed in life you need to remember your education. Education has the power to change the whole world.

The reason I came from Ethiopia to the United States is to get a better education so that I can change myself and my family. When I was small my mom used to tell me that if you have an education you can always find a job easily and live a better life. She never went school because she never had the chance. So, she knows how life is without education and she doesn’t want her children to live like her. She always tells me to do well in school so that I can live a better life than her.

As you can see, education is the key for life. Without an education, it’s very hard to succeed. Education goes with you to wherever you go because when you have it nobody can take it from you. It lives with you until you die. So, the most important thing that matters in life is education because it has the power to make life less difficult.




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