My Careeer

Posted: March 16, 2017 by daylin18 in Uncategorized

Since I first got in high school I have always had a career in my mind of doing construction. Their was times that I also thought about going to the military but wasn’t sure. My friends and family that I have talked to about the military says “That wouldn’t be a problem and it’s benefits, but do I actually want to join. I honestly now don’t think I would join the military because in my opinion I find it as a life or death situation. My other plan is to go to JobCorp and take up on Construction, why because that is another thing that I also liked and wanted to do as well. My Uncle also does construction that is what made me want to do it also. Their is something about construction that I just like so much. Some people I know finds that it is dangerous. I mean it is in certain way but I like working with my hands and I find it fun. If I don’t have any construction job at all, then I would get my CDL and drive trucks around the world. Why I would not join the military is because of being away for a long time and something bad could happen too me. I am a discipline person but I don’t want nobody in my face. If I am going to be in the military I would have to constantly be watching my back. In the military you wouldn’t get a lot of sleep because of being waking up or keep hearing gun shots all day long. Without me going I don’t have to worry about it happening to me. If I go to the military personally I don’t think I would get any rest at all because of the explosions and gun shots everyday.


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